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  1. ozubon

    ozu_Self – No-Frills Self-Variables

    ozu_Self 1.0 by ozubon Introduction This is a self-variable or event variable plugin using mere 13 lines of code. Self-variables are saved with the game save, and persist through maps. Self-variables? What? Instead of using game variables for every event you can give the event its own...
  2. ozubon

    Dumbest ways you can set a variable to true

    Started as a status post now we're here. This is my contribution: foo = (function(){ for (PILE = [""], i = 0; i < PILE.length; i++) { !PILE.join("").includes("true") && (PILE.push(Math.random().toString(36).replace(/[^a-z]+/g, '').substr(0, 1))); } return !0; })(); Sets it...
  3. ozubon


    I was thinking about why I thought one thing looked better than another thing. The easy answer would be that I just think it looks better. The truth is that it... Feels better... Sort of... Holding the visual in my hand??? And swirling it in my mouth?????? What are your experiences with...
  4. ozubon

    RMMV Slumber Party (No Travel Game Jam concept)

    I think I've decided to put aside time from my main project for a month because I have an idea for a short game and it really fits this game jam theme. It will explore viruses, conciousness, entropy and neighbourhood secrets. I won't tell too much right now, because I don't wanna spoil any...
  5. ozubon

    ♪♫ It's A Self-Playing Piano! (Pianola) ♪♫

    ozu_Pianola.js 1.3 by ozubon Introduction This silly plugin attempts to create procedural music based on music theory. The pianola creates a song for itself, with varying length, scale, key, chords and fullness. When it's done playing its song it will make a new one. And a new one. Forever...
  6. ozubon

    ozu_File – Create and manipulate files from within the game itself!

    ozu_File 1.2 by ozubon Introduction Using Node.js' file system module can be a hassle. Getting it to work both in playtest and after deployment seems to be something people are having trouble it. This aims to give some easy to use functions as tools for manipulating the game folder's files...
  7. ozubon

    RMMV "Softlock" game idea

    I've got an idea for a game with an interesting premise if I may be unhumble. You know bugs in games when you completely make it impossible for yourself to progress. Oh baby that's known as a softlock. The idea is to call the game simply Softlock. Then as an undertitle, and a descriptor: The...
  8. ozubon

    Trojan on the site?

    My antivirus has been going off like wild when I've visited the forum today, is anyone else experiencing this?
  9. ozubon

    RMMV A non-rpg-maker-y roguelike

    I've started to work on the mechanics for a game. It's set in the extreme far future, where only those who have cheated death resides. The endgame is to find and end death itself - before it finds you. On the way down the dungeon you dive deeper and deeper into insanity and become more and more...

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Feeling overwhelmed by this project's scope lately, and lured by other projects; but it also feels like I'm on the verge of a turning point, almost finished laying the "foundations" and can soon start building the real structure. In other words, the dreaded "middle phase lull." I recognize and will resist it. So, the latest work: battle sprite for the second major party member.

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welp... YED_Sideview Battler works on MZ with FOSSIL, and it even works with the new MZ Battle Core. problem is I dunno if the new battle core allows for custom motions with YED like the MV one does.
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