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  1. Ahuramazda

    RMMZ Reposition Game_Timer?

    Looking for a way to shift the location of the Game_Timer, just to find out that in the base code that its just... there. Its not a window, so moving it isn't as simple as I was expecting. :/ Its counted as a Game_Object, but it doesn't have any x/y/width/height assigned to it... so how does...
  2. Ahuramazda

    RMMZ Trying to port MV Battle Transition Plugin(s)

    I have been messing with a few different plugins from MV trying to move them over to MZ and I keep hitting the same snag no matter the plugin. Something has changed in PIXI that I cannot figure out that makes it so these plugins (MOG Battle Transitions, KMS_Splash Encounters) being the 2 I...
  3. Ahuramazda

    RMMZ Help moving a window in YEP Equip Core

    Been working on making this scene match the looks of my other menus (Main, Status, Item, Skill, ect) and I am having an odd bug with one window that hasn't appeared in any other edits I've been doing. I have been bashing my head on this one for about 6 hours trying every idea I could think of...
  4. Ahuramazda

    RMMZ Reposition Battlers?

    Brand new project, no changes at all besides swapping to side view and upping the resolution of the game/UI to 1536x864(making sure it wasn't just my current project doing this), and this is what my battle scene looks like: Is there some way to control where the enemies and party are placed a...
  5. Ahuramazda

    RMMZ Help me start a HUD plugin

    Back when MV came out I was able to port my HUD from VX Ace without much issue, but even getting a box to appear while on the map scene seems impossible for me this time around. I've tried various ideas and setups with no luck, so I'm wondering if someone can make a simple starter plugin so I...
  6. Ahuramazda

    RMMZ Tile passibility changes?

    In RPG Maker MV I was using the same tileset with the same exact setup as I'm testing in MZ, but unlike the MV version I can no longer walk on top of my outdoor cliff areas properly. In MV I was able to move around on top and not walk over the sides at all, which is the way I was expecting it...
  7. Ahuramazda

    Is there a way to call this Garbage Collector in-game?

    I've been dealing with issues regarding periodic lag in my testing, and I've tried several plugins to help with it and make garbage collection happen more often, or toy with the Cache limit, stabilize the scenes... I've spent hours scouring code and attempting some google Kung-fu to no avail...
  8. Ahuramazda

    RPG Maker MV console and "god mode" problem

    OK, I was working on my game a lot in the past week, and sudden since this morning I can no longer use Control to god mode through terrain or use F8 to open a console. Even the YEP Core Engine cannot open the console anymore. I have not changed any plugins, or any kind of code in weeks, and both...
  9. Ahuramazda

    Draw a conditional icon in window

    I have been working on a plugin, and I have hit the home stretch and down to a final bit of code needed to finish it. I am wanting to make it draw 3 different icons, one for no change, one for a positive change, and one for a negative change in a value. I know the value is working properly, as...
  10. Ahuramazda

    Help with Window_MenuStatus

    I have been messing with the base scripts for the engine and I have found something rather odd. For some reason the Window_MenuStatus is drawn backwards - Instead of Top Left then going down it starts from Top Right going down. As a result I cannot do what I want to with the Window_MenuActor...
  11. Ahuramazda

    Save bug with Parallel Process

    Don't know if this is the place to report bugs or not, but you cannot save a game if you have an event running as Parallel Process and showing a bubble effect for the event (sleep, cobwebs, exclamation, ect.)  It has been reported many times since MV's release and no ones seems to have found a...
  12. Ahuramazda

    Tile passability problems

    I have looked for a bit on these forums and Google and found nothing that works to solve the problem I am having. I have tried Shaz's "TerrainTags.js" and Neon Black's "CP_Star_Passability_Fix.js" and have used the latest versions (that I could find) for both. I have no other plugins that...
  13. Ahuramazda

    [Request] Add a Gold Popup window to existing plugin.

    There is a plugin that came with MV at launch I have edited a fair bit for looks, but try as I might I cannot find a way to make it show a Gold popup message. The plugin I speak of is the "TinyGetInfoWnd" I am still very new to Java and while I can edit things for repositioning and looks I have...

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