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  1. Drakath

    VE - Visual Equip

    Um..., I can't really seem to get this to work. I read the header of script. Can someone used and made this to work explain me how do I do it? --Edit: I don't need to get it to work anymore. I found another script that just do what I want. (It's Modern Algebra's Visual Equip script, if anyone's...
  2. Drakath

    My First RGSS2 Script: Quest Board

    Introduction While I was working on my first project I wanted to make my own Quest System. So I started off with adding a Quest Board first. Instead of making some message windows I wanted to script my own thing. I started to watch GubiD's tutorials on YouTube. And I've read some Ruby scripting...
  3. Drakath

    Call a Common Event Before and/or After a Player Attacks

    Battle Engine Melody has an option to give weapons to enemies. But when enemies attack with those weapons, weapons does not trigger their effects. I've tried this on a plain project with only BEM and this script. It works fine for actors but not enemies. Is that supposed to happen or is...
  4. Drakath

    Drakath's Recolor Shop - Back!

    I think it's time for a bump? It was more than 72 hours ı guess... And.. really? isn't there anyone who wants some recolor? EDIT: I've just read the rules topic again. OK, bumping a shop may be silly but I'm so much bored and I want requests that I can do. And... I hope I don't get warned...

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