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  1. Magusalfador

    Help. I want to read some variables from the game and create a JSON with that data.

    Hi all, My objective is to do like a test leaderboard of sorts. So what I want to do is read some ingame variables and store them in a JSON file. I have basic javascript knowledge. Could you guide me as into how to create this json file so I can use that data elsewhere? Thank you!
  2. Magusalfador

    HELP: Converting this arrow function...

    Hi, Im tryng to convert arrow functions to regular ones and viceversa just to understand them 100%. But I cant make my code work this one: setTimeout(() => this.colorOff(color), 350) I converted to: setTimeout(function () { this.colorOff(color); }, 350); The arrow function works but not...
  3. Magusalfador

    Help in changing the text color.

    Hi all! Im using Mog Hunters Battle hud: The plug in draws the name of my actors, what I want is to change the color of the names, in this case "Keith" and "Bree". The line that draws the name is this._name.bitmap.drawText(this._battler._name...
  4. Magusalfador

    How to change Text color?

    Hi all! Im doing a bit of coding for the scene_battle, and when I want to draw a variable that contains text, I can draw it but I dont know how to change the color of that text. Can you point me on the right direction? thanks!
  5. Magusalfador

    Help with conditional branches and Input.isPressed buttons...

    Hi all! Im making some tutorials where the tutorial`s page repeat itself until ok or left input is pressed and then it goes to the next page. Now it works perfectly on the map screen, but if I go to a battle and try my tutorial system there, it doesn't work. Im assuming that Input.isPressed...
  6. Magusalfador

    Hi all! Simple question, how old are you?

    This with target audience purposes, thank you!
  7. Magusalfador

    Help, removing the state and buff icons being drawn.

    Hi all. I want to remove the icons that get drawn (for enemy and actors) when you select them as a target. Pic attached as an example. I dont know where the code is, I looked at Scenes. Thanks!! EDIT: Found it, it was on Yanfly´s BuffStateCore plug in.
  8. Magusalfador

    Help with how Yanfly Item Menu Categories works...

    Hi all, I have an aesthetically issue with this plug in : When I configure my custom categories, the plug in draws them with what it looks like, a "center" property, and so, the categories look unaligned. (attached image)...
  9. Magusalfador

    Help with text line break on descriptions boxes.

    Hi all!! Ok, this is the thing. Im using SRD translation engine: and the thing is, If I want to do a translation, the text MUST be on the same line, If I manually hit enter to go to another line, the text will not get translated. But, if I place the text...
  10. Magusalfador

    How to get the index of the highest value of an array?

    Hi all! Im super new at javascript. I created an array and I want to know which index hold the highest number. I got this code: var a = [0, 21, 22, 7]; var indexOfMaxValue = a.reduce((iMax, x, i, arr) => x > arr[iMax] ? i : iMax, 0); console.log("indexOfMaxValue = " + indexOfMaxValue)...
  11. Magusalfador

    Question regarding Force Actions...

    Hi all! My goal was to make a follow up attack after a basic attack. (Actor 1 makes a skill, Actor 2 makes a follow up basic attack) So I used the force action script call. I assumed that this will just make an actor act out of its turn, and it does, but then I realize it consumes his turn, so...
  12. Magusalfador

    Yanfly/KEL Dragon Bones Integration Update 1.06 error...

    Hi all! Im pretty sure you know about this plug in or at least heard of it. Last week Yanfly posted an update that allows the battlers with Dragon bones animation to make use of the action sequence "Jump" (previous version was ignoring the "Jump" action sequence.) But now, when I do a "Jump"...
  13. Magusalfador

    New Yanfly Eval Text Plugin. Getting an error...

    Hi all! Im trying this new plugin ( but when I try the examples within the plug in, i get an error: Unexpected Token ILLEGAL. The codes Im trying are: \evalText<<[‘His’,’Her’,’Its’][\v[123]]>>...
  14. Magusalfador

    Skill description. Do yu know if there is any plugin that will help me?

    Hi all, do you know if there is a plug in that might help me? I want the skill description to show different descriptions depending on if-else conditions. The work around of this would be to make different skills but that is too much hassle. Strangely enough, I cant find many skill...
  15. Magusalfador

    Help, I want to edit the cursor line at selection option.

    Hi all! Do you know how or where I can find the code to edit the line that appears below selectable items? I uploaded an image, you can see a line under the selected option and since Im going to use other type of cursor, they overlap, so I need the line gone. thank you!!
  16. Magusalfador

    How do I store an enemy index on a variable?

    Hi all! What I want here is to store the index (troop index of course) of the enemy Im targeting. thanks! EDIT: Nm, I hink i got it: $gameTroop.allMembers().indexOf(target) CLOSED.
  17. Magusalfador

    Help with the priority of the images that this plug in draws.

    Hi all!! Im using Mog Battle commands plug in: By default, the plug in draws the layout (black circle) and then, on top of it, it draws the face image: I need the Face image to be BEHIND the layout. I tried moving blocks of code on the...
  18. Magusalfador

    Help in saving a variable or a switch value and use it before loading a save file.

    Ok, so Im using a plug in that runs an event before going into the title screen. In this event (among other things)I prompt the player to chose a language, then goes to the title screen. The thing is i want this choosing language only appear the first time they play the game but since Control...
  19. Magusalfador

    Help, can I Save the name of currentBgm on a variable?

    I was wondering if I can save the name of the currentBgm playing on a variable? Thanks!
  20. Magusalfador

    Help with formula for encounter rate.

    Hi all! I know that I can find the formula for the encounter rate at the function Game_Player.prototype.makeEncounterCount() located on the rpg_objects. Now, i want to modify the formula so I always get 3 more steps or 3 less steps than the specified Enc. Steps. Ex: If I specify 10 for a...

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