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  1. 4Lore

    Right click save menu

    Hello, I opened a topic here some time ago but unfortunately I didn't get any help. :| Please, can somebody help me with this problem?
  2. 4Lore

    Creating a movie gallery

    Hello, I would like to create a movie gallery (dependent on saves) similar to cg gallery which will have to play a movie when i click on a slot icon, instead of showing a picture. The movies will be unlocked in the game with a number variable or something like this. I tried to implement this...
  3. 4Lore

    Removing persistent hotspot !

    Hello, I was having this hotspot problem some time ago and I still haven't resolve it. :| ex. mission scene ex. mission common event ex. mission scene setup This hotspot (a triangle) appears everywhere: in title screen, in every title menu and when i start a new game, it will show up in...
  4. 4Lore

    Some issues !

    Using action ui and default interface. This is a simple matter but i can't get it to work. :| Not using the "add choices" and "show choices" common events, i get this by default: I would like to use the default/custom created choices box to appear like this Call "add choice" common event...
  5. 4Lore

    1080resolution custom UI

    Hello everyone ! VNM is a great tool so far, i like it but since this is my first visual novel maker program, I'm a beginner. I started designing my own 1080ui. I have gone to common events>confirmation>confirm and messed around with the variables.I can change the "yes" and "no" positions but...

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