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  1. OktoberLove

    TYPE ERROR: when loading file through script call

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section. I'm using Alpha ABS and whenever I load a game file using script call I get Type Error: Cannot Read Property of "length" undefined. Regular loading is fine however I don't plan to use the default loading menu in my game. I will rely solely on script...
  2. OktoberLove

    [SOLVED] Need help displaying a live timer

    So Im using YEP Mini Event Label on a tree. When the tree is done growing it displays "Ready" above it using the Comment function <Mini Event Label: READY> When the player harvests the tree Im using Multi Timer pluging to set a timer and store the remaining time in a variable. Then it switches...
  3. OktoberLove

    Looking for HELP solving a projectile event bug!

    Ok! My fellow game devs, I have a challenge for you! So just for context let me explain what I'm trying to do: Keybind Button Common Events Plugin will make a button press = shoot a projectile event from the player across the screen Terrax Lighting attached to the projectile event itself...

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