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  1. Dream3r

    (IGMC Game Recruitment) Survival Game

    TL;DR:  I'm making a game for the indie game maker contest, I need help, can you help with either sprite work, environmental assets, or sound design?  Examples shown below. Introduction: I've been working on a large commercial game since February, it's going well but it needs a lot of support...
  2. Dream3r

    (IGM 2015) OotS Resource Request

    I'm rewriting this since the internet got disconnected and I lost my long post, so I'm just going to make this short and to the point. I've been working on a game called Out of the Storm since February.  Progress has gone well though it could be doing much better.  I believe the Indie Game...
  3. Dream3r

    Degica Publishing

    So I noticed the Midweek madness sale on Steam with Degica as a publisher and it got me wondering...  Under what circumstances does Degica publish games?  I didn't see To the Moon on there so I'm assuming they weren't just listing RPGM games but truly published by Degica.  Does anyone know if...
  4. Dream3r

    In need of Smart Shadows

    I've attached a picture in the spoilers of a rough concept of what I'm shooting for shadow wise in my current project.  Below that I'll list some issues below I'm having with achieving this effect in engine.  Then hopefully we can find a way to make this work.  So let's get to it. Shadows I'm...
  5. Dream3r

    Menu Error

    Hey guys, got another issue for us to solve by slamming our heads together.  You (the community) were very helpful with the last one.  Hopefully this one is more simple. This is what I get whenever I try to go to a menu in the game be it by pressing the escape key, use a script call, or what...
  6. Dream3r

    Out of the Storm

    Hello everyone, so I've decided to completely redo this page since I haven't updated it in...well a long time.  So here we go... Out of the Storm is an open world, survival game focused on character development.  You'll start weak and without the knowledge needed to survive.  It's up to you...
  7. Dream3r

    Cutting Trees (Efficient use of Switches)

    Hey guys, wondering if someone will be able to be able to provide some insight/suggestions for me.  I'm currently working on a survival game and cutting down trees for wood is something the player will likely do a lot (wood is just so useful afterall)  Thing is I'm trying to find the most...
  8. Dream3r

    Time to Dream

    Hey everyone, Technically I've been here for awhile but 90% of the time it was just to pick someone's brain on how to use RPGM.  Now that I'm a bit more experienced and running a legit business now I figured I'd introduce myself. My name is Dakota, Dream3r if you prefer forum names.  I'm 19...
  9. Dream3r

    Thank you RPGM Staff

    Dakota here of Living Dream Ent, just wanted to give a big thanks to you guys, you deal with everyone posting in the wrong areas (especially myself) and you are very helpful. I have to say if I hadn't been helped as much as I have been these last 9 months I wouldn't be where I'm at today, so I...
  10. Dream3r

    Sprite Artist Needed

    Hello everyone, long time no see.  My name's Dakota and I'm the CEO of Living Dream Entertainment. (Not that means anything until we get our first game on the market) I'll cut straight to business. Our sprite artist who has been with us for sometime now has went offline, not sure why but work...
  11. Dream3r

    RPG Maker Group Package

    Okay so I'm trying to get a team together and once I find who is serious about this I'd like us all to use the same program so I was wondering if there is a bundle of this program if there is such a thing?  By this I mean I'd rather buy the program for my team members if we can get it cheaper as...

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