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  1. nuevocharrua

    iOS memory leak

    In a simple game with a few maps, without any plugin, after trying for 30 minutes after trow many "Memory Warnigs", the game crash and throw: "Terminated due to memory issue" (Im using Apache Cordova)
  2. nuevocharrua

    Game crashes in iPhone after some battles

    Im testing my game in iOS (using Cordova), the game runs smooth, but after 2 or 3 battles, the app closes unexpectedly.  ;_; Someone has this problem.
  3. nuevocharrua

    Canvas Render in Mobile device

    Canvas Render in Mobile device RPGMV use canvas to render in mobile devices. but this cause a lot graphic glitches. I am trying webgl, and.. for now all run fine (a little slow).  
  4. nuevocharrua

    Show pictures using javascript

    Hello, I need draw some pictures in the Scene Battle (using javascript), I am bit confused.. What is the best way to do that?   thx
  5. nuevocharrua

    API or documentation for MV

    Hi everyones! Is there an API Documentation available yet? thx  :)

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