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  1. omoney

    [Ace] Help with modifying Random Dungeon Script

    At the bottom of the post I have uploaded Saba Kan's Random Dungeon demo. I modified it so that the stairs of the first level lead to the same level. My goal is to make is so that every time the player enters the dungeon the map is recreated. By adding the following snippet below to the script...
  2. omoney

    [Ace] How do I make a script wait?

    So I have a function that does a whole bunch of stuff and then it transfers the player to another map. After the player is done transferring I need it to do more stuff. Right now this is how I am doing it: def someFunction() ~Do something here $game_player.reserve_transfer(1, 0, 0, 2)...
  3. omoney

    Dungeon Reuse System

    Dungeon Reuse System Dhobby Introduction This script allows you to use a pool of maps (the larger the pool the better) and have dungeons created randomly or be defined by you with a pseudo random element. Why would you want to use this instead of using the traditional transfer player to go...
  4. omoney

    Logo-motive ~ I'll (try) to make you a logo!

    Your work looks great! If you have some free time could you make a logo for "Dango Dorm" or "Dango Dormitory"? I want it to be a cute looking logo. Perhaps a sleepy dango next to the words or maybe replace an O with a dango. Below are some links that will hopefully help. If you have a different...
  5. omoney

    [Ace] Can't figure out what I am doing wrong.

    My question is why is it that when I call getValue(name) in the code below, that 0 returns when I'm expecting an array. Thanks for reading Note: I have two events on the map that each activate with action button. The first one calls "anotherMethod" while the second one calls getValue(name)...

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