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  1. sertianscompany

    Check if Save File exists

    Hello everyone! :) I know this problem is solved and closed here: Buuuuut, it doesn't work for me, so I guess I'm doing something wrong. basically I want to check (using the conditional branch)...
  2. sertianscompany

    Clear ALL selfswitches

    Hello! :) I'm doing a puzzle game and to be able to restart the level, I need to clear all the self switches of the map, BUT not all the selfswitches of the game (cause I have a common area which has self switches). I know that this script code: $gameSelfSwitches.clear() clears all the self...
  3. sertianscompany

    How to PAUSE the game

    Hello! :) I need to pause the game using a plugin command or a script code inside an event, and be able to resume the game clicking (touching) anywhere (or an specific event or option). How do I Pause the game and resume the game with only touch? I'm using the plugin OrangeHud wit the...
  4. sertianscompany

    Show Choices - Change position X/Y

    Hello there! :) Is there any way or plugin to change the position of the Choices? At the moment there is only 3 positions (left, center and right). Thank you!
  5. sertianscompany

    Best Resolution for iPhone game

    Hello! :) I´m developing a game in RPG Maker MV for iPhone (5..5s..5c..6..6s..). I started with a HD resolution (Yanfly plugin) 1280x720 (16:9 landscape), character and the map looks far and small, so I don't want that. Then I used the Masked MapZoom plugin (MBS_MapZoom) which...
  6. sertianscompany

    How to remove Touch/Click Flash Tile Effect

    Hello, I would like to develop a game for mobile in RPG Maker MV.   My question is: How to remove the flash effect that appears on the screen when I click/touch to move the character?   There should be a plugin or internal option to remove that effect, because it doesn't look right as it is...

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