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  1. Yvy

    A late Hello!

    Hello, guys! I should have introduced myself before. You can call me Yvy. I'm new not only to the forum but to game making. I'm sure I'll be a great developer someday, but for now, I'm having fun, learning the basics and making friends. I really enjoy fangames too. I kinda like the idea of...
  2. Yvy

    Digimon World Ace: The Lost Symbols - NOW RECRUITING BACKUPS!

    Digimon World Ace: The Lost Symbols A medieval-style Digimon fangame DEMO AVAILABLE! Full Version Release: TBA This project is now in Hiatus. More information can be found here: Hello, guys! This is the Digimon project I've been working on for some...

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Blech. I hate coming up with stories. Making gameplay is fun but coming up with lore and reasons for these areas/mechanics just makes me sleepy.

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