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  1. Torqus

    Lag Spikes when opening/closing menu

    Hi, My problem doesn't come with a plugin or anything like that. Just by creating a new project, without doing anything, I playtest and when I open the menu I get down to 48 fps, closing it is even worse. In my legit project, using Yanfly Core plugin increases the spikes from 48 to 20 fps for...
  2. Torqus

    SV battler BEHIND weapon

    Does anyone know how to change the Z position of weapons on the battle scene? I need my weapons to appear in front of the actors instead of behind them. This seems like a simple feature that should be there but I can't find it anywhere.
  3. Torqus

    Unknown Items / Identify Scrolls

    Hi. The idea is something similar to what you see when you play Diablo. You don't know what an item does until you identify it. (The Scythe isn't identified, so you don't know its properties. When not selected, it shows a red background like the wand there) (Diablo 3 unidentified items)...
  4. Torqus

    Sprites as window commands?

    Hi. I'm trying to make something pretty nice for my game... letting the player choose which cursor they want to see in the menus. For that to happen, I made a new window and scene as simple as the GameEnd one. It is a rectangular blank window with 3 commands. The commands are shown in text...
  5. Torqus

    Modified Display Map Name

    Well, this is what's going on here. I'm making, or was making, a plugin that changed the way the map name window works, you know, the one that appears when you change maps showing you the name of the actual map. So now it changes color and displays an icon. So now using notetags for each map...
  6. Torqus

    Walk behind Tile A

    Hi. First, I would like to know if there's a way to allow the player to walk behind tiles in tileset A, probably with regions. If there isn't it would be a nice plugin. I have a really annoying problem with that, I made my entire house graphics from tiles A to E and they fit perfect in the 3...
  7. Torqus

    Load last game after Game Over

    Load last save after Gameover   This plugin is simple enough for anyone to understand, it just modifies the way the GameOver scene works. Originally when you lose you are sent to the title screen, I don't think that's something you really want for your game, I want my players to keep...
  8. Torqus

    Can't replay audio after load

    I had this problem for a long time now, I posted this before but there was no solution so now I'm posting it with more things I've discovered. I'm trying to make a plugin for my game, very simple one, that will load the last saved game after game over instead of taking the player to the title...
  9. Torqus

    Escape codes in Scenes

    So, I don't see anyone asking for this. I don't remember who did this in VX Ace, I think it was Victor and someone else had it too, a script that allowed to use the escape codes used in messages (specifically looking for Color and Icons) in the rest of the scenes, like the menu. So if I wanted...
  10. Torqus

    Common Event Window

    Common Event Window v1.00   Free to use in both commercial and non-commercial projects. Credit will be appreciated, but not needed.   This plugin will add a customizable scene to your game. In it, the player will be able to choose from a list of commands that will trigger common events. You can...
  11. Torqus

    Can't draw text in a custom window

    I made a window called Window_CommEv and I'm trying to use drawText or drawTextEx, but I can't make it work. I'm making a menu with commands, copying Window_GameEnd, and I want a line at the start that says something like "Choose option:" or something like that. I tried adding drawText in...
  12. Torqus

    Loading last save through script

    Hello. I'm trying to adapt this little script I made for VX Ace. I'm trying to modify the Scene_Gameover from rpg_scenes.js, I also looked at rpg_managers.js for something useful. Here's what I have: (function() {Scene_Gameover.prototype.gotoTitle = function() {   ...
  13. Torqus

    Dashing between tiles

    Well, very simple issue, but I don't know if the solution will be a script of 20 lines or 400. I think everyone noticed that when you press SHIFT the character wont start dashing until it reaches the tile it was moving to. I find this very anoying, I mean, this didn't happen in Ace, why now...
  14. Torqus

    Luna Engine what?

    So, the extra packages came with some plugins. One of them is the Luna Engine. I know it was a very powerful engine in VX Ace, but I never used it. The problem is that this plugin doesn't show anything (see image) Also Luna Battle Config and Tilemap have this "problem". Is it just me...
  15. Torqus

    Quest Journal

    Hello. So this is a very important plugin that was made for VX Ace and I'm talking about modern algebra's Quest Journal. This amazing script was the most important script back in my VX Ace times, because when you're making an open world game with a lot of conditions, secrets, and more that...
  16. Torqus

    Resolution and Black Borders

    Hi, maybe this has been discussed somewhere but this is the most important issue for me and I haven't read about it anywhere. Will there be black borders in 16:9 resolutions? Because it seems there will be. In that case, because of the new structure of the program, will there be a plugin or...
  17. Torqus

    Adding custom battle animations

    Hi, simple question here. Is there a way to automatically add all the cells in each frame when you make an animation in the database? Or do you HAVE to make each one yourself? I couldn't find anything in the help file and this looks like something that should be included in the program...
  18. Torqus

    AutoLoad Latest Savegame on Gameover

    AUTOLOAD LATEST SAVEGAME ON GAMEOVER   Hello everyone. Today is a glorious day for me, I finally did something by myself with this program :D Changelog --> Version 1.1 Added line 56, the game wouldn't resume BGM or BGS after being autoloaded, now it does. Description As the name says...
  19. Torqus

    Stuck making party manager

    I'm making a "custom" script that allows you to remove characters from your party and I have a problem. Before stating anything, I want to say that I'm making this because none of the scripts available suit my needs, they look really nice, but they can't work with the game I'm making. In my...
  20. Torqus

    Adding graphic depending on state

    Is there a script that doesn't change the graphic depending on state, but adds a graphic to actors without replacing their actual base graphics? I'm asking this because I use Composite Characters and the problem with this script is that it doesn't create a file, it uses a reference graphic file...

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