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  1. JP Levels

    Longshot, since the thread's been quiet for a few years and Whomi said they're not supporting this snippet, but I have questions. I've noticed this snippet works exactly as intended, the one issue I have is that the 'skill learned' message displays when the character levels up, not when the job...
  2. Custom Images For Gauges

    Hi! I've checked and asked around, seems it's time to make a request. I am looking for a plugin that allows me to use custom images for the gauge and gauge border. This is fairly similar to the request Sharm made in the Gage Images thread, I think I'm looking for more or less the same thing. I...
  3. Ellye's ATB (also includes CTB option)

    Thank you, SOC! I was always under the impression Prettier Gauges dresses up the gauges but doesn't do custom images for them. Guess I got some researching to do.
  4. Ellye's ATB (also includes CTB option)

    I know this is a longshot, since Ellye's gone and this thread's been quiet for a while, but had anything had any success using custom bars with this plugins? I want to make my own (pixel) bars instead of the default ones.
  5. [FROG] Blue Magic

    Hi Frogboy. I'm not sure if I'm being catastrophically stupid, but I can't get the plugin to work. Here are the steps I've gone through. -Added the skill trait to the class. -Made sure the skill types match. -Added <BlueLearn: 6> in the notetags of the skill I want to learn. But nothing! I...
  6. Add Flee to Actor Battle Command And Remove Party Commands

    Thank you! Sounds like a harrowing experience, so I appreciate it! I'm currently a little leery using ATB in it's unsupported state, have Olivia's OTB on standby in any case. But no issues so far (I think)
  7. Olivia OTB Turn - visual Changes to turn order menu

    I somehow found a way to dummy out the display, and even got the Yanfly one to work well with it. I can go back and see how I did it, but probably messing with all kinds of things I shouldn't...
  8. Add Flee to Actor Battle Command And Remove Party Commands

    Anyone notice an issue with Yanfly's ATB system. When the escape attempt fails, it freezes on the next actor with an empty gauge. (And thank you! :D )
  9. Hide Skill Type if no skill learned

    I almost fainted when I discovered someone made this plugin. Big thank you to Maliki79 (and the JP plugin as well). Has anyone noted an incompatibility with Yanfly's skill learning system? Whenever I learn the skill, the skill type pops up in the menu but everything seizes up, if I mash the...
  10. Olivias Weapon Swap System Plugin

    It looks like other people have been asking for this, I'd also like to know if it's possible.
  11. Olivia Weapon Swap Question

    Hi all! :) Playing around with Olivia's Weapon Swap plugin, and I noticed that *all* the weapon types listed on the equip screen. This is fine if you limit your weapon types to only four or five, but I have seventeen, and it ends up making equipment a chore to scroll through the screen. Any way...
  12. Kread's Animated Battlers Question

    I've been messing around with Kread's Animated Battler's, and it's great so far, except for one thing I can't figure out. Is there a way to set up animations for different weapons? There's a notetag for items, but not weapons, and so far I've been unable to come up with a way to make this...

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