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  1. Super Galaxy Convoy

    Pokemon Adventures

    Anybody here ever read or heard of the Pokemon Adventures manga? For those who don't know check out the following link: For those that have read it, I want to know: what are your thoughts on the series? Who is/are you favorite...
  2. Super Galaxy Convoy

    Comipo Online Authentication

    Today, when I try to use Comipo it said I need to do an Online Authentication. So I follow the instruction until it said that my PC is not connected to the internet and ask that I uncheck the Work Offline feature in Internet Explorer. Now, I have IE11 and the Work Offline feature is not...
  3. Super Galaxy Convoy

    Requesting sprites touch-up

    I made the following two sprites with the looseleaf generator:   I notice that the generator doesn't really make dark skin sprites really well. When I try to do some touch-up to the sprites they end up looking slightly off a bit and doesn't really look consistent. So what I'm asking is: can...
  4. Super Galaxy Convoy

    Royal Tilesets

     I was browsing through the Steam forums and I came across someone mentioning the Royal Tilesets, so I check the Steam store and found that it was a DLC pack. I also check the forum store here and found that it wasn't available and that it was part of the Humble Bundle a while back. I never knew...

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