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  1. awesomerhys

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Good High Rank Armour?

    Hi guys, I've been playing MH3U a whole bunch lately and managed to get myself to HR3 with a friend online. Just wanted to ask if any MH players could recommend any decent (and possibly easy to craft) armour sets for High Rank quests? I main two weapon types: BM: Dual Blades (mainly offline)...
  2. awesomerhys

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2

    Any Tekken Tag players in the house? It's my favourite fighting game right now and I'm getting pretty competent with it (not good, just competent), so it would be cool to get to know other players too. :) Main Tag: Asuka, Marshall Law Secondary: Xiaoyu, Armor King For laughs: Christie...
  3. awesomerhys

    Dynasty Warriors 8

    Have any of you been playing the glorious latest entry in the Dynasty Warriors series? I'd be tempted to say it's the best one yet as it brings together most of the really cool mechanics of older DW games and adds its own features on top; the result being the shot of refreshment the series so...
  4. awesomerhys

    What's your favourite aspect of developing RPGs?

    Coming back to RMVXAce after a bit of a hiatus was rather liberating, as it allowed me to once again let my creativity run wild after a long break of not doing so. So, in an attempt to get to know some of you on this forum a little better, I'd like to ask: what is your favourite aspect of...
  5. awesomerhys

    Need help with a "stance" system for one of my classes

    Hi all, so I'm hard at work on what will hopefully be my first finished project, and I had a cool idea for one of my characters. He wields a polearm, and I thought it would be cool if he could adopt various stances during battle. For example, an attack stance to raise his attack, a defensive...
  6. awesomerhys

    Hello to all!

    I used to post a lot on RPGRevolution, and upon returning to that site today after being gone for a while I noticed the forums seemed to be acting strangely. So I decided to set up shop here instead! I've been working on a new game in RMVXAce for a few months (on and off really. Actually...

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