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  1. Apellonyx Survival system help!

    Hey guys i really need some help and i cannot begin to explain how pissed off i am right now. I would like to now if it is possible to move a variables in the image towards the red line on the right of it? I am using Vx Ace and this is where i got the script from -  EDIT: i am using version...
  2. Equip menu help!

    Hey guys i am making an Island Survival game in VX ACE and i was wondering if it were at all possible to get rid of the boxes inside the red box overlays in this image? -> And replace it with this ? -> 
  3. Easy way to make land vehicle with eventing

    Hi everyone i am not sure where to put this could you let me know thank you. Anyway here is what i wanted to share with everyone, seeing as i have noticed that many people have asked how to make land vehicles and i have only found two which i could not get to work. So using eventing i made...
  4. VTS Enemy HP Bars

    Hi guys i was just wondering if anyone knows how to move the Boss HP Bar on the Y axis. Here is a picture -> 
  5. Skip fight/Ecape menu during battle.

    Hey everyone i am new to scripting and stuff. I was just wondering it it were possible to skip the Fight/Escape menu  and go straight to the actor menu   where i already have an escape option? I just found a way to do the above option and now i am looking for a way to o the lower. Also i was...
  6. Is there a way to end the game with a script?

    Hello everyone i was wondering if it were possible to end a game from an NPC or something. Like you walk up to an NPC and when you press the interaction button on them it shuts down the game?
  7. How do i hide exp from menu when character is level 99?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering whether it was possible to remove the EXP bar from the menu when the character reaches level 99, which is the max level for my game. Currently it keeps showing the amount of experience gained after i hat max level. Please refer to image "Problem". I would like...

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