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    I don't know why, but every time I press New Game it crashes. Yes, I do have the rtp/compatibility packs.
  2. Skinwalker

    Thank you for showing interest in these games and putting effort into helping them grow. It is people like you who keep the gaming community supplied with good quality games.
  3. Manifest - A complete 30 hour RPG, 4 years in the making

    All I have to say is well done. * Thats not all I really have to say :) I think that you should try to get a famous/semi reviewer or youtuber to have a look at this and yoou will get a lot of money off it. Also, you should try and join a professional games design company by showing them this...

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If I recorded while I created (what I think is) a small plugin, would you be interested enough in the process to watch it?
I keep trying to explain to clients that the huddle masses behind the old K-Mart are a Fallout Reenactment group. Somehow I don't think they believe me. :LZSskeptic:
Hey people! What do you think about a core plugin? This will save some lines of code that I repeatedly use in all my plugins...
Wondering if I should make my enemies scale in my non-linear rpg. I'm leaning towards yes, but I don't want to use Yanfly's plugin...

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