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  1. sertianscompany

    Check if Save File exists

    Problem solved. Thanks Shaz!! :guffaw:
  2. sertianscompany

    Check if Save File exists

    Hello everyone! :) I know this problem is solved and closed here: Buuuuut, it doesn't work for me, so I guess I'm doing something wrong. basically I want to check (using the conditional branch)...
  3. sertianscompany

    Clear ALL selfswitches

    Thank you Shaz! :guffaw:
  4. sertianscompany

    Clear ALL selfswitches

    Hello! :) I'm doing a puzzle game and to be able to restart the level, I need to clear all the self switches of the map, BUT not all the selfswitches of the game (cause I have a common area which has self switches). I know that this script code: $gameSelfSwitches.clear() clears all the self...
  5. sertianscompany

    Multi Timers

    Great, but is it possible to show more than one timer on the screen? thanks! ;)
  6. sertianscompany

    How to PAUSE the game

    The game will be for smartphone, so disabling the click/touch will be then difficult for the player to resume the game. I want to show the pause screen first, and then I want to know if its possible to unpause the game touching the screen or touching somewhere.
  7. sertianscompany

    How to PAUSE the game

    Hello! :) I need to pause the game using a plugin command or a script code inside an event, and be able to resume the game clicking (touching) anywhere (or an specific event or option). How do I Pause the game and resume the game with only touch? I'm using the plugin OrangeHud wit the...
  8. sertianscompany

    Show Choices - Change position X/Y

    Hello there! :) Is there any way or plugin to change the position of the Choices? At the moment there is only 3 positions (left, center and right). Thank you!
  9. sertianscompany

    Notifications System 1.3 + Add-on

    Hello! Is there any way to show the notification message on the top of the player?
  10. sertianscompany

    Best Resolution for iPhone game

    I exported and tested on my iPhone with that resolution (636x357), and it doesn´t look bad, it looks exactly the same as the 1280x720 with the zoom. But now I'm thinking about that resolution (which is 16:9 aspect ratio) into a tablet (iPad) which is 4:3. I tested on Xcode and it creates 2...
  11. sertianscompany

    Best Resolution for iPhone game

    What about if my game is in a small resolution (636x357 which is 16:9) but it has a plugin which stretches the image to fill the screen?
  12. sertianscompany

    Best Resolution for iPhone game

    Thanks EternalShadow for you answer, but I will need something more than an iPhone Screen Resolution Table.
  13. sertianscompany

    Best Resolution for iPhone game

    Hello! :) I´m developing a game in RPG Maker MV for iPhone (5..5s..5c..6..6s..). I started with a HD resolution (Yanfly plugin) 1280x720 (16:9 landscape), character and the map looks far and small, so I don't want that. Then I used the Masked MapZoom plugin (MBS_MapZoom) which...
  14. sertianscompany

    Galv's Message Busts

    Hello Galv! :) I have a serious problem using this plugin when I test my game in my smartphone device. (iPhone 5s and iPhone 6). It always says there is an ERROR when the message text with the picture bust appears. It works perfectly if I open the SAME game using the simulator in Xcode11...
  15. sertianscompany

    Orange HUD

    Hello Hudell! :) Could you please make the pictures of the plugin OrangeVariablePicture touchable? The pictures are now working if I click on them, but no point if I export my project to smartphone. Thank you so much in advance. :guffaw:
  16. sertianscompany

    How to remove Touch/Click Flash Tile Effect

    Hello, I would like to develop a game for mobile in RPG Maker MV.   My question is: How to remove the flash effect that appears on the screen when I click/touch to move the character?   There should be a plugin or internal option to remove that effect, because it doesn't look right as it is...

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