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  1. Benku

    FREE Gaia Star Looking for Team

    Project: Gaia Star Engine : RPG Maker MV What is gaia Star? Gaia Star is a turned based future SciFi mech RPG. SYNOPSIS You take the role of lana cross,a princess who lost her kingdom to a rebel faction known as the Knights of vizar having survived the attack and taken in by her...
  2. Benku

    Chacter sets change based on class.

    Ok, so this might be hard to explain so im going to try my best. I am working on a mech rpg game the mechs themselves are classes you equip, but im having a hard time determining how the game registers this and changes the charset based on what mech the person has it will im intending this to...
  3. Benku

    Help with YEP battle status window extension

    So im trying to set up the dummy windows for the battle system but the fourth actor is always getting cut off anyone knows what im doing wrong? Not really to big on scripting.
  4. Benku

    Benku's tall character template.

    This template was made because I couldn't find a tall character template so i made my own using inspiration of others out there with my own twist so most of the credit goes to inspiration i got from this forum. Anyone can use them,edit them or even make something from there own. Of crouse...
  5. Benku

    Help with DreamX_Ext_BattleStatusCore, Change hp/mp Witdh

    Hello I'm using DreamX_Ext_BattleStatusCore i looked over the thread to see if i can figure it out i have no experience scripting. I tried in the plugin settings but i have no idea. Trying to compact this window so the bars don't stretch all the way to the right
  6. Benku

    Character bust change depending on class

    I have know scripting knowledge so i wouldn't know how this would be done. im useing galv's bust menu,im working on this mech game that threats a class as if it was it was a mech depending on what class/mech the person has it changes the bust image in the window like this Is there a plugin out...
  7. Benku

    FREE Metal Knight Alpha Gear looking for team

    My role : pixel artist eventer plot designer ---------------------- What im looking for: a composer tile set mapper and pixel artist ----------------------
  8. Benku

    RMMV Metal Knight Alpha Gear

  9. Benku

    Need help with WAY_CustomFaceImageEval

    Hello this is a perfect plugin i tired contacting the maker for some help but no response. Is there a way to change this where when an actor takes damge they changed to a damage faced when hit or is there a plugin out there that can do this ?
  10. Benku

    front view battler shakes when hit.

    Hello, im using yanflys battle core, and im going with a front viwe battle system is there a plugin that makes the actors images shake when they take damage?
  11. Benku

    FREE Metal Knight Alpha Gear-Project Recruitment

    Hello I am working on a game with the help of my sister who is the artiest,and it will b e on rpg maker mv Synopsis: Self proclaimed genius and pro-gamer Rebecca Cain lived an ordinary life until her old friend returned to town and turned everything she knew inside out. It was a LAN party like...
  12. Benku

    Custom Front view battle system 3rd person prospective.

    is there such a system out there? Heres an example on what im looking for
  13. Benku

    Actor taking damage custom face.

    Was wondering if anyone can make a plugin, That when an actor gets hit or takes damage the face changes to a damage taken face when they get hit. Also to be compatible with yanflys transformations plugin So when they transform and get hit it does the same.
  14. Benku

    Battle backrounds broken

    So my rpg maker mv updated to 1.3.3 but now my battle bacrounds are messed up i never touched them i even resized them to the right resolution, even the default untouched images have this same problem. 
  15. Benku

    Game broke after update 1.3.3

    So i updated mv and ran a test play of my game and i get this error   Any one knows how to fix this?

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