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  1. wzackw

    Advanced Manipulation of Sound Effects

    So, I'm wondering if it is possible to do a few things with sound effects: 1) Could I play a long (multi-second) sound effect for footsteps, but cut it off when the player stops walking? (Instead of repeating one short sound each time the player takes a step.) 2) If I were to repeat one short...
  2. wzackw

    Monster Garden: FINISHED

    Monster Garden Now on Steam: Monster Garden is a short but sweet game about walking and talking with monsters. There is no battle system, leveling up, or epic narrative about saving the world - but there IS amusing dialogue and lots and lots of monster love. Meet Mr. Bobo, your...
  3. wzackw

    Parallax Cloud Speed When Walking Left and Right

    I am using a Common Event to Show and Move a png of clouds across the screen to create clouds in the foreground in addition to a background parallax of clouds (so the player is between two layers of clouds). The clouds take 999 frames to move right to left across the screen and the speed...
  4. wzackw

    Monster Garden Screenshots

    I have been working on my first RPG Maker game for the past few months, called Monster Garden. Concept: Meeting scary monsters in scary places and turning them into friendly monster friends in your very own Monster Garden that slowly gets bigger and better as you advance. Characters: I'm...

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