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  1. Death10

    Text Bar

    Text Bar Author: Death10 Introduction Running text Script *Call script: -On: $game_system.ads_option = 1 -Off: $game_system.ads_option = 2 -Change: +Text: $game_system.ads_x = "Text" +Background: $game_system.ads_back = "Back.png" Screenshot
  2. Death10

    Event Text Display

    Event Text Display Author: Áص¹ (RGSS) Edited by Death10 (RGSS3) Introduction -Display text above Actor and Event Features -New nickname line -Can update in map Script Comment in Event Page: [ETDname][NNnickname] Screenshot FAQ
  3. Death10

    Guard Events

    Guard Events Version: 2.0 Author: Death10 *Description: A view range script. -Create guards. -Can't see through wall. -Custom range. -Can work with Region. *Intructions: *Script: *Demo: *Credit: - cozziekuns (for the Pathfinding script)

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