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  1. Setting a random number based on a variable

    So, I happened to notice that the system has a method where you can set a variable to a random integer : But I can't seem to find a method to set a variable to a random number based on another variable. Does anyone know how to do that? So, instead of: x = a random number between 1 and 10 I'm...
  2. Changing Opacity of an Event via Variable

    Long story made short, I want to make an event seemed to slowly fade in. The method I came up with would, theoretically, be using the Set Move Route function to: -Change the opacity based on a variable (I'm using the second one specifically) -Wait a frame Then simply change the value of the...
  3. Improving A "Sticky" Event

    Basically, I've got an event that needs to move on the player tile with the player. Currently, I'm simply using variables to tell both the player's location (X, Y, and Z(Used to indicate map)) along with direction, and then simply having the event teleport to the character using a Parallel...
  4. Collecting parts of an actor's name

    Basically, I'm wanting to have a spot where something has the player's initials. For example, if I end up making the player's last name "Jones" by default, and they choose the first name "Andrew", then the object may end up saying either "A. Jones" or simply "AJ" based on which one I eventually...
  5. Adding Stealth Missions

    Alright, basically, I just want to have a part of my game where the player has to stealthily sneak around without stepping into guards' line of vision. I would just create an array of invisible events that would trigger a battle or something when touched, but I'm worried that might lead to all...
  6. Using a Variable in a nickname

    Long story made short, I'm nearly finished with my game, but I do have something that I'm a bit hung up on. At the end of the game, the player is given a score based on numerous factors (ex: gold, battle count, etc), but afterward, it's impossible to review your score. I do have an effective...
  7. Changing a Timer

    So, I recently purchased RPG Maker VX Ace :) and I'm pretty content with it, but I've run into a problem. For my game, I have a spot where a certain portion of the game has to be completed within a certain time frame, otherwise bad things happen (I think I'll make it an automatic game over, but...

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