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  1. ImaginaryVillain

    Switch flips if event variable is in array, but not if the player leaves the map and returns.

    This.... has a lot of moving parts so in the interest of not having a million screenshots, I'll try and restrict it to the "important" stuff. However if you need additional info I'll provide it. There are two plugins at play here.... Yanfly's Self Switches and Variables, and Galv's Event...
  2. ImaginaryVillain

    Galv's Map Projectiles and Terrax Lighting

    So I've been puzzling over this for a bit... I'm trying to make a projectile (be it from the player or an event) emit light as it travels. I'm currently using Galv's Map Projectiles... to cover all of the game's projectiles...
  3. ImaginaryVillain

    Yanfly.SpawnUserInForum(Internet, ImaginaryVillain, Introductions)

    Greetings, I appear to have mixed up my event pages and ended up in other forums before this one. I blame my inability to read documentation without despawning in boredom. Anyway if you haven't guessed, I like events... An unhealthy amount. I'll spawn enough events to create a whole map if you...

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