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  1. Elmo_Cosquillas

    RMMZ Alternative to: "Visual State Effects" from visutella.

    Well as the tittle says, it would be nice to give more variety to said effects. like adding an ice cube layer to the freezing effect or turn the target into a statue and so on. But using even 1 plugin from visutella means i need to replace almost my entire project. the reason i dont even use...
  2. Elmo_Cosquillas

    RMMZ target ally but exclude the user. no visutella/yep

    hey guys, well its as the tittle says. im trying to make something like the old soraka's mana replenishment. 2 skills, one that gives a portion based on formula damage of its own mp to an ally, or one taking mp from an ally based on a damage formula. the thing is that it doesnt make any sense...
  3. Elmo_Cosquillas

    need a invisible regeneration

    well thats it, i need passive regeneration hp or mp for certain characters, but i dont want them to pop on the screen. is there a way to do it? is a minor thing but is unsettling for the player seeing numbers poping in the screen for no apparent reason.i would like it to be done without plugins...
  4. Elmo_Cosquillas

    RMMZ need js to remove the item command from battle

    Hey guys, is there any way to do it making a simple plugin? i literally need to do it that way since i have the items separated into healing skills and harmful items using skills, they already consume items with another plugin that i decided was good to extend its use this way. I saw something...
  5. Elmo_Cosquillas

    RMMZ Problems with damage over time

    hey guys, i have a lot of problems using visutella states core, it literally disables a lot of plugins i been using, like theo's cd and stackeable states. is there any alternative? because a flat% damage is truly lame, and i only use it for that specific thing.

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