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  1. dii

    Problem with Free Turn Battle and Troop Event Spans scripts

    [ACE] See my comment below for a better explanation. Victor Engine - Automatic Battlers is not a problem I have mention it to ilustrate that enemies are programmed to do specific things. Main problem is position of Troop Event Spans in relation to Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Battle Engine v1.22...
  2. dii

    Problem with Free Turn Battle, DTB, Automatic Battlers

    [ACE] I make post here because it deals wiht couple of scripts. I have prepared two demos. DTB works and FTB works. In each we have the same situation, 2 actors, two events with battle processing ( left ftb, right dtb) If you play them you will notice the fluidity problem. Lets start from dtb...
  3. dii

    Advanced Skill Targeting (yanfly compatible) script without untargetable enemies in the choice windo

    Hello, I have posted question in this topic: but maybe it is appropriate to ask in script request category as well. I just copy/paste my question...
  4. dii

    Create a party of 4 out of 5, each member has random agility

    Hello, I have created a way to create a party of four out of five characters. The player starts as one specific member and can create a team of 4 actors from 5 available (all posible combinations). I did use variables and conditions, basic tools :) I have createtd it for my future project...

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