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  1. GotMop

    Framed Artwork

    Both the frame and picture are public domain. I just took the time to combine the two. I hope you enjoy some of the editing I did to it. I would like to do more if there are people who want them
  2. GotMop

    Framed Artwork

    I can agree with those sizing suggestions. I could totally picture a castle with a giant self portrait of the king, lol.
  3. GotMop

    Framed Artwork

    Here is a side by side comparison versus the RTP paintings within the basic interior set. The paintings demonstrated are the 16x16 and 24x24 size. Please note that this is only a one tile high wall. Shown in RPGMaker VX Ace Shown in RPGMaker VX Ace
  4. GotMop

    Framed Artwork

    Would it help more if they were placed within a predetermined tile-set format?
  5. GotMop

    Framed Artwork

    Ever play a game and then just stop for a moment to enjoy the artwork on the walls? This is my first attempt at creating a framed artwork sprite that could be utilized within a game. Very often, I find that developers lack the resources or don't notice the value when creating an in depth...
  6. GotMop


    Howdy, howdy!
  7. GotMop

    Is New Here

    Howdy, howdy!
  8. GotMop

    Newbie RPG maker with good idea but no skill

    Howdy, howdy! Welcome to the forums 
  9. GotMop

    I hope I am welcome here.

    Howdy, howdy!
  10. GotMop

    Another Bard in the INN

    Howdy, howdy!
  11. GotMop

    Pre-Order "Bonus" Incentive Ideas

    Sounds similar to a Season Pass. I have to admit those have had me bite a little on Pre-Ordering. This idea has been added to the list and credit has been provided 
  12. GotMop

    Flavor Text Ideas

    - Added Potion Flavor Text
  13. GotMop

    Pre-Order "Bonus" Incentive Ideas

    I love the review of each aspect. I have also added the referenced idea to the list and provided credit :D  
  14. GotMop

    Pre-Order "Bonus" Incentive Ideas

     Awesome suggestions. I have added them to the list and provided credit
  15. GotMop

    Pre-Order "Bonus" Incentive Ideas

    By usually offering a pre order opportunity as Low to Mid Tier. When utilized as a mid tier the lower tier is essentially a bonus. in fact by reviewing 20+ kickstarters, I have found that over 90% guaranteed a copy of the game before it launched. Over 50% used items listed above as lower tiers...
  16. GotMop

    Pre-Order "Bonus" Incentive Ideas

     Isn't crowdfunding usually utilized to draw hype and raise pre sales? In fact a majority of the listed items are used in crowdfunding, thus the creation of this list. 
  17. GotMop

    Pre-Order "Bonus" Incentive Ideas

    I agree. I have never Pre Ordered a game. However, I still think having a list of possible ideas could be a good resource for those who wish to use them within their projects
  18. GotMop

    Game & Map Screenshots 8

    Really nice water effect 

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