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  1. Kipplentoast

    RPG Maker MV Version 1.1 Update + Changelog!

    I had to give it a second look. My apologies. It seems I had it in my head that the .js' and the .json's were the same thing. 
  2. Kipplentoast

    RPG Maker MV Version 1.1 Update + Changelog!

    First off, Let me say thank you! You guys are awesome! I'm really glad to see this program being supported like this. As a follow up, and I see this has been asked in this thread in a round about way, I'm not seeing any tutorials about what needs to be replaced for an existing project when...
  3. Kipplentoast

    Jay's Dual Tech system

    @Jay. You are the best. Thanks so much! Having this plugin smoothed out just made my project for me. Looking forward to whatever else you might produce!
  4. Kipplentoast

    Jay's Dual Tech system

    That makes sense. Unfortunately, my project is going to be eventually reliant on the skill cost features that are (and I imagine will be)in the Yanfly skill core, and the display conflict is a little too much to roll with right now. That being said, this is a great plug in and if anyone isn't...
  5. Kipplentoast

    Jay's Dual Tech system

    Thanks for the quick response, Jay, and i am definitely not trying to get you to do all the work for me, but where am I supposed to place that snippet? I attempted to just plop it into my project as it's own tiny plugin and put it above your developed plugin, which didn't work... but I wanted...
  6. Kipplentoast

    Jay's Dual Tech system

    I'm with you there, not quite sure how to define the Game_Actor.icon() to return icon IDs. any chance someone can explain this? Other than that, this is an amazing script and i am so excited to utilize it, once my Actors names stop displaying over the costs.
  7. Kipplentoast

    Pre-made (Yanfly's) Action Sequence Sharing and Discussions

    @Yanfly, thank you so much for the Character tag. It's made my night coming up with combined attacks. @Everyone else, keep up the amazing work. I've gotten so many fun ideas from this thread. If I come up with any additional ones I'll post, right now I'm just having fun working with the ones...
  8. Kipplentoast

    Heal on Level Up

    Thanks a bunch for this! Out of curiosity, since so many of these Plugins require the File naming convention to be set a specific way, I have a little trouble with these pastebin .js. What should we be naming the file in order for it to work efficiently? Or is this plugin not dependant on the...
  9. Kipplentoast

    Pre-made (Yanfly's) Action Sequence Sharing and Discussions

    Ok, I'm sure there's a much cleaner way to do this, but I like the effect so I figured I'd share. This basically emulates (close enough, anyway) a typical Dragoon Jump from any of the Final Fantasy games. Here's the Jump effect: And as addition I also came up with a little multi-bounce for an...
  10. Kipplentoast

    SV Dual Wield

    Hey All. I was hunting through the Forums and haven't seen this mentioned anywhere, but I noticed when playing around with the SV system that if you have a Dual wielding Class the attack animation only seems to play once. Both the "swing" animation on the SV Actor, and the Effect Animation that...

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