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  1. RhuneEmbah

    RMMV Requesting 3x3 battle formation for PC's and Enemies

    Hi everyone I'm requesting a RPGMMV 3x3 battle formation plugin for SV battles that can be used on PC's and enemies with the ability to hit multiple defenders depending on weapons used for example a spear can hit the enemy in front and the enemy behind him or an axe swing can hit two enemies...
  2. RhuneEmbah

    Humanoid Rock and Wood race. Can anyone help?

    Hi everyone so I'm back again to ask the awesome community for help. I'm still working on my game and have hit a dead end when it comes to the resources I need. You see I'm creating a fantasy world called Vallore and wanted to stay away from the usual tropes of elves and dwarves so I decided...
  3. RhuneEmbah

    Skyrim Style Poisons

    Hi all, As the title of the threads suggests I'm looking for a way to make Skyrim style poisons. By this I mean a poison that whilst in battle you would apply it to your weapon and it would inflict whatever type of poison you used with different levels of poison lasting for longer amounts of...
  4. RhuneEmbah


    Hi everyone I'm back again to ask the great community we have here to ask if anyone knows of any RTP style tilesets for MV that have grave mounds i know that the basic tilesets have grave markers but I want a mound of earth that I can place the markers on to give the appearance of a filled grave...
  5. RhuneEmbah

    Random Mutation!

    Hi all, I have this idea but have no idea how to implement it. In my game day and night have different enemies depending on whether its night or day, animals and human enemies during the day and monsters at night, but what i want is a system where when you enter into a battle against a monster...
  6. RhuneEmbah

    Dinosaur battlers needed for Primeval Fantasy World.

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some dinosaur battlers in the MV RTP style I'd do it myself but I suck at any kind of artwork lol. Any help would be appreciated and of course credit will be given and a free copy of my game will be given when i release it later this year. I know that we have a great...
  7. RhuneEmbah

    Really need a custom weapon!

    Hi everyone let me just say thanks to anyone who takes the time to try and help me out it is extremely appreciated. Anyway this is what I'm looking for. I'm using rmmv and I have a female character that has a pet raven that also doubles as her weapon but I can't find anything like what I'm...
  8. RhuneEmbah

    Evolving weapons.

    Hi everyone this is my first time posting and could really use some help. So I had this idea for weapons that level up and evolve into different forms but I have no idea how to go about it. Any help would be appreciated and thanks.

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