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  1. RMMZ DragonBones Not Attacking Animation

    So this is my first time trying out Aekashic's dragonbones assets, I have all the plugins,files, copied notetags, the enemy moves idle but when it comes to attacks he doesn't go up and move and stays idle, I know im using a pack from MV but when I used an MZ dragonbone asset It was still the...
  2. Changing Skill Category Icons

    I feel dumb for asking but, whenever I go into database to change icons I can’t find the option to change “Magic” and “Special” all I used were mpg hunters battle hub , how do I change the icons for options that don’t appear/ can’t find in database?
  3. RPG Maker MZ Battler Question

    Not sure if asked before since I can’t find if asked before but, I want to add animated battlers into my game, the thing is I don’t know how, what’s the max size for the sprite and what’s the frame limit and file name to use? If I used a sprite sheet that has a 8frame cast animation, would it...
  4. Whats a good tall character sprite sheet proportions and size? RPG MAKER MV

    So I went into Photoshop to make these sprites taller, but when I implemented then into my game they appeared like the photo in the database photo, The sprite sheet with the 12 sprites is before the change, so how am I able to make a sprite taller while it appears as a whole in the database...
  5. RPG Maker MV3D

    Anyone know of a in depth tutorial on how setting up the tiles work with this plugin? The WiKi gave some good whats and how the notes are written but. I'm struggling to set up and tree and even signs, I think i'm better off with a video how to , but the ones I find on Youtube (like the top 10...
  6. RPG Maker NPC

    Hello first time here! But is there any already made sprite sheet and faceset for npcs? I dont wanna go through the hassle of making tons tbh. Ive also her i can make a request? How do i process this? (sorry like i said first time here and had trouble finding this thread :()

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