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  1. KotoYama

    RMMV Saving game screenshots inside pictures folder

    ...= path + '/' + $.generateFileName(); var snap = SceneManager.snap(); var urlData = snap._canvas.toDataURL(); var base64Data = urlData.replace(/^data:image\/png;base64,/, ""); fs.writeFile(fileName, base64Data, 'base64', function(error){ if (error...
  2. PoptartPresident

    How do I...give players a file once they complete a game?

    The password option (easy) sounds a lot more doable, and promising hahaha. How would I go about setting that up? Would it need to be like, a randomly generated password? Or a set secret code? How do I create the encrypted files? Etc. Just an FYI, I'm not very good with file output/input ahaha...
  3. Zero_G

    How do I...give players a file once they complete a game?

    ...Creating the txt file is simple, you just put the text you want and make a txt file. For the image, you will want to convert the image to base64 (you will get a long line of text), and the in the code write that into a buffer to an image file using fs. Here is how you do that...
  4. Stimulantfound

    What is the general rule for fan games?

    ...:frown: You can still find AM2R, thanks to preservation efforts, but the original project was taken down shortly after it was released. You can try using Base64 Encode and Decode - Online. If you encode the download link to your project when you're ready to share it, it may help it stay...
  5. Hyouryuu-Na

    Is there any way to show a pictures from url

    Yes, it's possible. You can do it using the following snippet. Note that I did not write it. I merely dug through stack exchange and put it together and so, no need to credit me. Save this as a .js file and put it inside js/plugins and turn it ON in the plugin manager. You can call it with...
  6. BreakerZero

    The Creator's Legal Clinic: Advices and Explanations

    ...limitation of not being able to read an LZString when saving files - only the raw JSON code is visible to my WinRT interface (and the base64 compression used by the default save method has no effect on this). So my implementation has to use the "behind the scenes" version instead, because in...
  7. BreakerZero

    December 2020 Goals and Progress Thread

    ...the game code and the host app - not to mention the WinRT component structure that I had to build. And that's before you consider that MV's base64 encoding system doesn't work at all, meaning that I had to store everything in its raw form (thereby forcing a "behind-the-scenes" version of an...
  8. HookieBookie

    RMMZ How to convert blob to playable video format?

    ...created by WebM-Writer into a reader that reads as DataURL rather than using the blob to createObjectURL. The dataURL could then be split at 'base64' which would then allow fs.writefile to create the webm file with base64 encoding. The result is a video that is stored and can be played when...
  9. standardplayer

    Saving a PIXI.Sprite as a png without User input

    ...had investigated this option, it was before I'd realized I'd need to have special encoding to save an image. It's possible that if I used the base64 encoded url from the canvas extraction, I'd be able to save it via JSON. Hopefully loading it wouldn't be any more complicated than loading...
  10. gstv87

    Saving a PIXI.Sprite as a png without User input

    that's what I was looking for: basic write to disk. if it exists (and it must, otherwise the language is pretty useless) then it can be called by other functions, including graphics. it's all bits, and bits are universal.
  11. standardplayer

    Saving a PIXI.Sprite as a png without User input (If you'd loaded it as a complete image from elsewhere, it would have an address). My hangup was on the base64 encoding, which I finally found an answer for here...
  12. aporokizzu

    [SOLVED] AudioManager.playSe: Using base64/data URIs?

    ...a filename. Based on this StackOverflow solution, I can use a script command to play a data URI sound: var snd = new...
  13. MusicalSamurai

    Deployment Protection in RPGMV

    Hey Guys - seems the conversation has continued :P You do have a point - although I was merely picking on the Base 64 encoding on its own, to me; isn't considered as a compression. Good ol' misleading functions names... Well, so far I haven't had time to implement any of the ideas here yet -...
  14. MrNybbles

    Deployment Protection in RPGMV

    @MusicalSamurai Poryg is correct, The compressToBase64() function first encodes to Base64 then applies a RLE (run-length encoding) which isn't great compression, but at least the function name isn't misleading like XMLHttpRequest() is. Anyways, after I got back home I basically wrote the same...
  15. MusicalSamurai

    Deployment Protection in RPGMV

    Oh, that was unexpected - I'm not so accustomed to having things done for me but I shall have a look at what you've put together :) And fair enough on the Compression statement - I'm just anal about definitions & terminologies, apologies. :p Apologies, I was trying not to but the response...
  16. Poryg

    Deployment Protection in RPGMV

    I've made a plugin. What it does is, base64 encoding of every dataFile. And if you're playtesting, it will take data from the original files (because the encoded ones don't get created until you launch the game for the first time), but in the deployed game it will take data from the encoded...
  17. Poryg

    Deployment Protection in RPGMV

    ...also make the appropriate edits inside of the Javascripts. For example this is a portion of the Classes.json after I ran it through a basic base64 compression: NoKAdgrgNlA0IG8BEBLAJkgXARlkgpgB4AOACgIYBO5AtgM5bADMADLAExuuysC6eAF2ooBDTMGQBjAPZp8Wdkz And it wouldn't even be too difficult to...
  18. p0_boy

    Loading Base64 Data URLs as Event Images

    ...- at least your info has given me something to mull over! Unfortunately, sprite.bitmap._image.src doesn't seem to be a valid way to pass the base64 string... otherwise, sprite.bitmap could be assigned to this.bitmap and maybe solve the problem. There seems to be no way that I can find to...
  19. p0_boy

    Loading Base64 Data URLs as Event Images

    .... I'm a bit daft, so I hope you don't mind if I press you for a few more answers... (1) In your example, is pics an object array of base64 data strings with names? Like: var pics = {}; pics["blank"] = '' +...
  20. p0_boy

    Loading Base64 Data URLs as Event Images

    Is there any way to designate a Base64 image string / data url as the image of an event? There are many posts about saving PNGs as Base64 data strings but I can't find anything about the best practice for loading them. I came across this post by @mogwai which shows how to use one for the...

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