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  1. iiJaspers

    MogHunter - Consecutive Battle Help

    I've encountered an issue regarding MogHunter's Consecutive Battles plugin, a quite simple one at that. I am to use the plugin command "consecutive_battles: X, X, X" to call upon the multiple battle plugin, but I don't know where to place it. I've tried the most likely areas such as troops...
  2. iiJaspers

    GBA Font

    Hello, I am currently looking for a font that resembles that of the older Final Fantasy games such as FF6. I wouldn't mind any font, but the one in particular that I am hunting for is the one used in Jessie Prices, Last Legend game. If someone could help me with the search for a this font, or...
  3. iiJaspers

    Need Help With Moghunter Plugin

    So I got Moghunter's Fast Travel plugin for MV, and all is going well. Until I encounter one slight problem. There is no guide on how to setup points on the map or if you can for that matter. So I've come here in search of some helpful insight on how to get this crap shack working. If anyone can...

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