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  1. CCryptozoologist

    Invisible Tileset

    having a rather peculiar problem. One of my tile sets is invisible in game. None of the invisible tiles have any special settings in the editor other than a few with 4 direction changes. The tileset is C There’s only grass or dirt beneath most of the tiles and in most cases nothing above Any...
  2. CCryptozoologist

    End of TP, End of Battle

    So I'm looking to make a battle end after your TP runs out, but I'm not sure how to do that or if I need a plugin. I've looked around, but haven't found any other topics dealing with this either. Any ideas?
  3. CCryptozoologist

    Proximity Event for MV

    I'm looking for a plugin that will let me fade in and out certain sounds when you're close to the area. For example I have a man on a roof hammering, but I don't want him to be making a racket throughout the entire map. Is there a plugin or event fix for this?

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