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  1. WidgetKitty

    BFMA Soundtrack (40+ Songs) Looking for Reviews

    EDIT: Everything's been changed to Soundcloud, should all play fine now. Hello everyone! I've been pouring a lot of effort into my game's soundtrack over the last year, but very few people have heard any of it. Big Friggin' Magical Adventure's music is geared to match the cute and whimsical...
  2. WidgetKitty

    Turning on Player Stepping Animation

    So I just finished making "victory" and "scared" poses for my PCs, and planned to have them animate for a moment via events on maps. But for some reason I CANNOT get the players' stepping animation to turn on! I have tried doing it through move routes and script calls, looked up info on this...
  3. WidgetKitty

    RMMV Races of Durf - Looking for Opinions on my NPCs

    I've been stuck at home with internet down for a few days, and decided to try out my plan for five playable & NPCs races. I customized the bodies and parts in the generator a bit, and after two days had made 160+ people! So, here they are: The floor tiles separate the five races, females in...
  4. WidgetKitty

    RMMV Dungeons & Cutscenes Videos & Item Tests

    EDIT: Now there are two more dungeon playthroughs in posts below this, I think they're coming out a little better. Sorry to make a new thread just for this, but I want to get some opinions on how my cutscenes and storytelling skills are so far. Big Friggin' Magical Adventure is going to have a...
  5. WidgetKitty

    RMMV Minigame Concepts!!

    After a few painstaking days of programming and testing, I have three minigames completed. They're part of a carnival at the royal city of my world. These will be in the demo comng out in a few weeks, I just want to see what people think of my ideas and the presentation so far. Thanks for watching!
  6. WidgetKitty

    Furniture Chests, Books, Chests on Wheels

    Hello guys~! I just made this tonight, edits from the included tileset; needed some "chests" in houses for a theft side quest I'm building. You can use these to hide gold and items among the common indoor furniture, and animate the drawer/lid/items disappearing. No need for credit whatsoever...
  7. WidgetKitty

    RMMV Big Friggin' Magical Adventure

    Hello guys! So I'm Widget Kitty – my Steam name and the “company name” for my game(s). I've worked with the RPG Maker series for a couple decades now (gettin' to be an old gal, I guess!), and now have a lot of time on my hands, so I'm putting a bunch of my ideas into one big game, titled: Big...

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