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  1. Automated Message

    Friends i have implemented a day/night system and i want a message to pop up at a certain time each night to tell the player to take a rest and sleep. Is it possible to setup an automated message to express that the player needs to sleep ?
  2. Day/Night - Sleep plugin

    Friends i have looked for a while to find a plugin or way way that i can setup a system for my game that does the following. Would like it to have a Day/Night system that of course will control the lighting in the game. As well i would love it to remind the player to rest/sleep and if the...
  3. Looking for 2 features for MV

    Friends i want to add a day night system to my game as well as a weather system. Can anyone recommend a solution that is either plugin form or Even event driven ?
  4. A bit of help for eventing

    Friends i thought i had it figured out but... So i want the following scenario. I head to the church to see the priest and while i am there i talk to a sister who wants to go on my journey so i add her to my group. So i added a switch that should turn on after she joins the group and i added a...
  5. Quest Log Question

    I know i activated the quest log window in Yanfly's quest log before in another game but for the life of me i cannot have it display now. Does anyone know the bit i am missing to have a window show in the game screen just like the window that shows the amount of gold you have..
  6. Error Log text

    Is there a way to have any errors in a MV game write to a text file ? Would love to have something like that available. At least while developing the game.
  7. Continuing a dialogue

    Friends i am trying to set up a dialogue between my actor 1 and a NPC (blacksmith) so that when i approach him i want to ask about him repairing some old Armor and after i check yes or no due to Gold cost . After that i want the NPC to offer the shopping process as usual. I thought i could just...
  8. A character set for people4

    Has anyone made sets for People1 - through - people4. For some reason i have the faces of the listed people but none of the sets for needed sv characters for the above mentioned. Does anyone have these already made and if so could i download them from you and if not could someone make them for me ?
  9. Mini Games for MV

    Hello friends, does anyone know of any sites that offer mini games to add inside of a RPG Maker MV game. I am having a tough time finding them. Any thoughts or ideas are very welcomed.
  10. SrD GameUpgrade plugin

    Has anyone else had an issue with SRD_GameUpgrade I get a Range Error Maximum call stack size exceded Here is the output with the plugin on RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded at Function.DataManager.isDatabaseLoaded...
  11. Saving Maps

    Friends can i create a map and save it to use later. I have a village for hunters and all of the base layouts will be the same so i figure why not just make a single template that i can paste in some way. Also is there a optimal or preferred map size for house interiors. I made mine one size...
  12. Event indicators

    Friends i have seen that in a few rpg games like the one i downloaded from here called Homework-Salesman that in front of an event there is an animation letting you know to visit that object to trigger the event. My question is how do i implement that indicator. See image below and look at the...
  13. Transfer from map to map

    Friends i am new to RPG Maker MV but have watched the tutorials and have created a World Map MAP001 and a Village Map MAP002 and when i go to create an event to transfer from the world map to the village i naturally go through the protocol to get to the events/transfer window and select the...

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