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  1. LightninSoarer

    VXA: Galv's Battler Script Overshadows Damage Pop_up Script

    The scripts in the first screenshot only have mog_hunter scripts and the script i'm having problems with is the Damage pop up script. Without the Galv's Battlers script, I can see the damage popup just fine, as can be seen in the bottom matching the text at the top. But the moment I add Galv's...
  2. LightninSoarer

    RPGMaker VXA Mog Hunter Battle Cursor SCRIPT PROBLEMS [Solved?]

    I was testing the 18 battle systems that Mog Hunter gave and on the 10th map named 10_Hikari, it had a battle script called "Mog_Battle_Cursor" which worked fine in that specific world of his but when i create a new project and isolate that single battle script, whenever I use status effects...
  3. LightninSoarer

    Passive Skills/Character Unique Skills? RPG MAKER VXACE

    Is there a script for RPG MAKER VXACE that give's special skills to your characters? like in Breath of Fire 2 Ryu has his Guts and the rest of the characters have their own unique skill (singular). If this is not possible, is there a way to add passive skills to the character? Like the lower...
  4. LightninSoarer

    (RPG MAKER VXACE) Galv's Battlers, Remove Level up animation?

    Hello, I'm sorry if i didn't place this in the right thread since I'm literally new to this platform. I am currently using Galv's Animated Battler's but I want to remove the level up animation with the white beam surrounding the leveling up player but I don't know where in the script i do that...

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