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  1. A starting point for new users (V1.2)

    Thank you very much for this post. I feel like it saved me from several of the traps unaware beginners, such as myself fall into. Well technically I already had fallen into one or two :P I look forward to trying these suggestions and taking a more structured approach to this process. ;)
  2. What are the biggest mistakes begginers do?

    My appreciation for the posters on this thread is beyond expressing at the moment and @Kage for asking it! I am a week in a half in and have learned more from this post than all my incessant trolling of threads. I feel I have wasted my time looking for all the shinies - characters, sprites...

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Worked on some face-sets. Need to finish up the lot and cut some out of the game. She's looking pretty cute.
Even though I'm not going for the first time in...ten years or something...ordered my Gen Con dice!
Will be focusing on map making today and adding locked chests :LZSsmile:Screenshot 2021-09-16 095316.png
It's hard to stay consistent for at least a week
new enemies for the game I'm working on...

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