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  1. Rat King

    Resource Type: Character & Battler Maker Format: MV/MZ Art Style: MV RTP Description: I wonder that there is exists a version of Rat King as a chimera-like monster? A creature that looks like a mix of several rats with humanoid shapes. Ingame it would be a "rat dungeon" boss. But I can't...
  2. RMMV How to change icon for SV Animated battler?

    I'm using Yanfly's Battle Core, SV Animated Battlers, and Turn Order Display plugins in one project. But I got a quite specific problem. The icon of an animated monster in Turn Order shows as a small version of SV battler sheet. It appears in Battle Test. How to add icon of this monster without...
  3. RMMV Control state restrictions

    I found that if a party has only one actor, and it's in a "Cannot move" state, then it cannot use skills (whatever which type) and even items. For example, I have a "Cobwebbed" state with "Cannot move" restriction. The only actor (call it Herald) at a party is cobwebbed. And Herald can't use...
  4. RMMZ Animated SV enemies in MZ

    I remember that there is "Animated Sideview Enemies" plugin for MV. Where I can use SV-battlers of playable character as monsters (if I know right). Is there something for MZ? I want to make battles with some playable characters. But I don't have monster battlers, only "SV_actor" ones.
  5. "Communion slave"

    I have a quite specific idea to realize in MZ. How to make a situation in-game, where actor A casts a skill but spends actor B's MP? For example, Mage casts Inferno skill. But he doesn't spend his own MP. Instead, he spends another Slave's MP which is at the party and active.
  6. RPG Maker doesn't respond after changing keyboard language

    I have RPG Maker MV (Steam, 1.6.2) and RPG Maker MZ (1.0.2, Steam). I have Windows 7, 64-bit. Somehow both Makers (MV and MZ) becomes stucked and doesn't respond after changing the keyboad language via key shortcuts. No matter which ones: Shift+Alt, Ctrl+1 or Shift+Alt+1. Outsider programs like...
  7. Checking equipment slots in MV (part 2)

    I have some questions about equipment checks via events and scripts. Like, how to check the equipment slot of all active party members? I mean, how to check that all party members are "naked" (wears no equipment)? Because I know how to check the equipment slot of a specific actor. But how to...
  8. State that changes default attack

    I want to make a state that changes default attack. Actor in that state can not deal damage, only heal targets. How to change default attack in MV?
  9. Open Skill learn menu for two actors

    It's possible to open Skill learn menu for more than one actor via Yanfly's Skill Learn System? And I have extra question: did somebody made something similiar to Skill Shop? I mean, made character which can teach player some specific skills?
  10. Questions about YED Skill Shop

    I'm currently using this plugin: Among with Yanfly's Core Engine. And I cannot use it correctly. And because that I have two questions: 1)How to check actor's level in notetags? I want to make...
  11. State that restricts the use of items

    It is possible to somehow create a state that prohibits the use of items in battle.
  12. Using stats in removing states

    How to make the character’s parameter (for example, ATK) increase the chance of removing the state? And is it possible? I just got idea of skill where actor's stat increases chance to remove state.
  13. [RPGMMV]How to replace State via Skill?

    Okay, i got next problem: 1)I have Yanfly's Buffs & States Core and Battle Core; 2)I have States 14 and 15. How to make a skill that checks if there is a state 14 on the target? And if the target has this state, add state 15?
  14. Check if actor is equipped by one of many armors

    Okay, i want to check in conditional branch next: "IF actor 1 is equipped in ArmorID 6 OR ArmorID 1 OR ArmorID 2 OR ArmorID 9 OR ArmorID 10 OR ArmorID 11), THEN actor's face in message changes." Because IF plugin "Conditional Branch+" doesn't work, then maybe there is another option?
  15. ConditionalBranch+: how to use Check.any_equipped?

    I tried to use "Check.any_equipped" command of "Conditional Branch+", but it doesn't work with multiple armor IDs. I want to make sure that the actor 1 wears one of two types of armor. How to solve this problem?
  16. Prison tileset for MV

    I need a tileset with one-tile sized jail bars. I need it for medieval dungeon, because I expected that two-tile sized bars can hide events. And player cannot see them behind the bars. I found what I wanted in the "!Door2.png" file, but I need to edit one of existing tilesets (at example...
  17. Dragon player SV Battler

    There is SV battlers (for player, not for enemy) for this dragon?
  18. Late Introduction

    Hello! I'm Morizel, and I using RPG Maker. I was signed in this forum this year to ask questions about using scripts and other stuff to make things in RPG Maker VX Ace, MV or XP. Which I can use in my works. They are uploaded in my DeviantArt account: I'm not...
  19. Questions about Terrax Lighting

    I'm stuck with it. 1)I have parralel Light event, which sets tent of the map and some regions. Makes entire map darker. And I want to make map brighter, as if plugin there is turned off. But I have no idea how to do it! Light deactivate in the light event doesn't work. How to deactivate lights...
  20. Equipment check for anybody in the party

    How to check equipment nor on specific actor, neither on all actors in party, but on any (no need to check specific actor's ID) actor in the party? I want to make event includes with next conditional banch: "IF at least one character in party wears Chaimail (armorID 5), then happens A, else B"...

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