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  1. Larry Jones

    Does anyone remember John Wizard Games?

    Did anybody play their games? I really liked them, I just played Dawn’s Light & its sequels and Christmas spin offs really but thought they were great...funny, good puzzles etc. Seems they suddenly shut down a couple years back and deleted their archive of games so you can’t get them any more.
  2. Larry Jones

    [Closed] Music Workshop - Larry Jones

    Hey guys, This workshop is currently closed! Here is some of the music that I've made for people in the past. Thanks, Larry Jones
  3. Larry Jones

    Would anybody be able to improve this Banjo Kazooie sprite for me please?

    It's a sprite of Banjo from the game Banjo-Kazooie. It's a nice sprite but I'm wondering if anybody could make it better. It's mainly the movement, especially the bottom row where he is walking up looks off to me. It was originally made by somebody called SENA but I believe he couldn't...
  4. Larry Jones

    Larry Jones - Music Workshop

    Hello and welcome to my music workshop. Here are the tracks I have uploaded to Soundcloud recently: If you would like to request some music, please fill out this request form: Purpose - e.g. Title screen music, Level background music... Description...
  5. Larry Jones

    Hallo there ...

    Hi there everybody. I shall be doing two things in the present / near future 1) Working on a new game project, details coming later 2) Sharing music with you to use in your games See you soon!
  6. Larry Jones

    Limited RPG elements?

    Hallo there, I am interested in making a game in RPG Maker VX Ace. My interests are really in storytelling, humour and platforming. I guess where I have fallen down in the past in my attempts to create games on this platform is the fact that, frankly, I have very little knowledge of, or...

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