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  1. SoundsByDane

    RMMZ Cthulhu Asylum [Horror Game]

    Cthulhu Asylum Story Synopsis Plot Synopsis Images Walkthrough Game Notes Download
  2. SoundsByDane

    Save BGM

    It's hard to explain the question that I have so instead I am going to explain what happens in the game then try to ask my question from there. So in my game, you're in an abandoned psychiatric hospital. In the main room (pretty much the whole first floor) there's a song that plays (Autoplay...
  3. SoundsByDane

    Randomizing Input Number Event Command

    I'm creating a puzzle where the player has to find a combination lock number to progress through the game (if they input the wrong number, get a 'wrong number' message). However, if the player knows the combination number ahead of time they skip important parts of the game. So I thought to...
  4. SoundsByDane

    RPG Maker MV/MZ on Apple Silicon (Apple M1 chips)

    There isn't any posts anywhere (that I know of) that talks about this so thought I'd do my part for the community and point this out. If you are interested in getting the new MacBooks that were released last month and you use RPG Maker MV or MZ then I'd recommend you avoid these Macs. I...
  5. SoundsByDane

    What's the point of Script Calls?

    Hey all. Was wondering what's the benefit of using script calls? Like why use something like "$gameMessage.add("Show Text Script Call")" instead of just using the "Show Text" event command?
  6. SoundsByDane

    MacOS BigSur and Apple Silicon Compatibility

    Any word on RPG Maker MZ (or MV) being compatible for MacOS BigSur and with Apple's new Silicon chips?
  7. SoundsByDane

    Hey Guys

    What's up guys? my name is Dane and I am a composer and sound designer. I have experience with RMMV and look forward to working with you guys here. If you're interested my website is

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