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  1. Erangot

    Happy Field (RGSS2 scripters, composers, dialog/story writers)

    Hi guys! I'm currently working on a game called Happy Field which is heavily inspired from Harvest Moon and Rune Factory games, and I have been making a lot of good progress but I'd need more people to help me around to complete its first playable demo, the soonest possible time.     I'm doing...
  2. Erangot

    Event Cloning script (like FlipelyFlip's)

    Hi guys! Could someone please help me, can someone recreate/convert Flipelyflip's cloning event script for VXA, since the one I have is for VX:     Or if not, if there's any scripts similar to this with the following functions:   - Clone events from another map - Can specify which event, which...
  3. Erangot

    [VX] Pick-Up Script and Event Cloning

    Hi everyone! I was hoping someone would help me out regarding the scripts I use for this game I'm developing. For my farming system I am using Sinmora's Gift & Pickup Script and FlipelyFlip's/Kread-Ex's Cloning Script which I will post later at the bottom (since I can't find the original links...
  4. Erangot

    Getting Events' Coordinates

    Hi there, how do I get an event's x and y coordinates? For the player's position I type "$game_player.x" or "$game_player.y" in the event's script. But how can I get an event's coordinates where I put the script into? ---- Sorry for the trouble, I'm very much inexperienced with scripting...
  5. Erangot

    please close/lock this thread

    hi please close/lock this thread, i posted at the wrong forum.
  6. Erangot

    Happy Field | Save the Farm!

    The project has started since January 28, 2011 Early stages of the evented/scripted farming system Im sorry for the really, really low quality video, kept the file size as small as possible   ANNOUNCEMENT:   04/01/15: Guess who's back! Good Lord. And no, this isn't an April Fool's joke! (...
  7. Erangot

    Auto-Battle Option

    This is great! However, is it alright if you edit the script just a little bit more, where Auto only goes for normal physical attacks, instead of skills. :')
  8. Erangot


    ANNOUNCEMENT: sorry guys but CM v1 is no longer going to be updated!! I'm sorry for all the unreplied comments and also thank you to everyone who used it I am so happy hahaha then again it'll be too tedious for me to go back again on editing this, So I've thought maybe I'll come up with a v2...

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