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  1. RMMV Visual MP Gauge

    Disabling via note tags might provoke an error within the game. To avoid it, I just edited the plugin script. Changed "false" to "true" after "obj.hideTpGauge = ".
  2. RMMV Visual MP Gauge

    Thank you. But I need something simple. Well, Waynee's plugin can't disable TP gauges via plugin parameters. I need only MP ones. :)
  3. RMMV Visual MP Gauge

    Upload it, please. I'm using the YEP plugin, and my monsters are using mana for their skills. MP gauge may help a player to understand a situation in combat.
  4. RPG Maker MV/MZ Extended Generator - Version 0.68 - Update on the 10th April 2021

    I'm using the 0.66 (September of 2020) version, the trouble with weird positions of hair still exists.
  5. Rat King

    Yeah, that's the point. If you or I rotate the sprites, then they look quite different and weirder than the default ones.
  6. Rat King

    For default battle system - yes, exactly. When I want to use SV-battlers, I should use something else. I'm not sure that I can just rotate the sprites. Anyway, thank you.
  7. Rat King

    Resource Type: Character & Battler Maker Format: MV/MZ Art Style: MV RTP Description: I wonder that there is exists a version of Rat King as a chimera-like monster? A creature that looks like a mix of several rats with humanoid shapes. Ingame it would be a "rat dungeon" boss. But I can't...
  8. RMMV How to change icon for SV Animated battler?

    I'm sorry for bothering you all. I forgot to turn the "Enemy SV Battlers" option "true". It's available in the "Turn Order Display" plugin options.
  9. RMMV How to change icon for SV Animated battler?

    I'm using Yanfly's Battle Core, SV Animated Battlers, and Turn Order Display plugins in one project. But I got a quite specific problem. The icon of an animated monster in Turn Order shows as a small version of SV battler sheet. It appears in Battle Test. How to add icon of this monster without...
  10. RMMV Control state restrictions

    Alright. I just don't want to force a player to press the "Wait" button every time, when it must use a cobwebbed actor in combat. I suppose that I should use the "Item Requirements (YEP)" plugin to disable items for some states.
  11. RMMV Control state restrictions

    I know about Seal Skill. However, I got other questions: 1)Seal Skill doesn't force an actor to skip the turn automatically in combat. How to make it so that the actor cannot move in combat, but can use skills out of it? 2)What's the plugin I must use to disable items?
  12. RMMV Control state restrictions

    I found that if a party has only one actor, and it's in a "Cannot move" state, then it cannot use skills (whatever which type) and even items. For example, I have a "Cobwebbed" state with "Cannot move" restriction. The only actor (call it Herald) at a party is cobwebbed. And Herald can't use...
  13. RMMZ Animated SV enemies in MZ

    I remember that there is "Animated Sideview Enemies" plugin for MV. Where I can use SV-battlers of playable character as monsters (if I know right). Is there something for MZ? I want to make battles with some playable characters. But I don't have monster battlers, only "SV_actor" ones.
  14. "Communion slave"

    Sorry for the double post. Just last question: it's possible to change an actor's default attack via state or equipment? I know that there are many ways to do so in MV, but I'm new to MZ.
  15. "Communion slave"

    Thank you for your reply. I'll ask for it later.
  16. "Communion slave"

    I have a quite specific idea to realize in MZ. How to make a situation in-game, where actor A casts a skill but spends actor B's MP? For example, Mage casts Inferno skill. But he doesn't spend his own MP. Instead, he spends another Slave's MP which is at the party and active.
  17. RPG Maker doesn't respond after changing keyboard language

    I have RPG Maker MV (Steam, 1.6.2) and RPG Maker MZ (1.0.2, Steam). I have Windows 7, 64-bit. Somehow both Makers (MV and MZ) becomes stucked and doesn't respond after changing the keyboad language via key shortcuts. No matter which ones: Shift+Alt, Ctrl+1 or Shift+Alt+1. Outsider programs like...
  18. MV crashes after changing the language

    It's strange. MV and MZ can change keyboard language ONLY via key shortcuts like Shift + Alt. But it crashes by it. Worse, it's become stuck by ANY system key shortcut, even through Shift + Alt +1 or Ctrl + 1. I think it's a Windows problem. Not Maker. However, it looks weird that the programm...
  19. MV crashes after changing the language

    I'm sorry, but I'm using Windows 7. This thing appeared yesterday (there was no problem before), after updating Avira antivirus or something like that. System recovery didn't helped. I found that Makers stucks even if I'm using PuntoSwitcher. But I'll try that, thanks.
  20. MV crashes after changing the language

    I have the same problem. When I change the keyboard language via key shortcuts (from Russian to English), RPG Maker MV is going to crush and doesn't respond. It doesn't matter, the standalone version or the Steam one. Version is 1.6.2 I don't know why and how it happens. Also, it sounds funny...

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