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  1. Pokémon Style Battle

    So I would like a plugin that changes the battle system so only the 1st actor fights untill switched out or dies and then you choose another untill all your party die and then game over. I would also like the ability to set the battle to be single double, tripple etc or 1vs2, 3, 4 5 etc
  2. RPG Maker VX ACE Database for MV

    ok so this is almost the entire VX Ace database redone for MV it includes: classes, skills, items, weapons, armours, enemies, troops, states and sortta actors (using MV names and images and some made up names instead of VXA) If this is not allowed or the correct place then I'll remove as soon...
  3. Final Fantasy 7 Materia

    Hiya Id like to request the materia from Final Fantasy 7 to be made for RPG Maker MV and the materia fusion from Crisis Core there was a materia script i commissioned...
  4. Change skill cost when MP/TP runs out/low

    Okay I'm looking for a script that allows you to change the resource cost of a skill when there is not enough of its normal resource to use (eg  instead of costing 4mp when mp drops below 4mp the cost changes to something like 6tp or 6hp)
  5. Final Fantasy 7 Materia

    Materia System Victor Sant Introduction Ok this script actuall belongs to me but Victor Sant created it as a commission. What it does is replicates the Materia System from Final Fantasy 7. For those who are not familiar with Final Fantasy 7 what materia is is an item that contains magic and...
  6. Cook Skill

    ok fixed the error seamed to appear when i tried 100% as the success formula was set to hp needs to be less than success rate not less than or equal to

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