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  1. shenshinoman

    RMMV Irina Collectible Card Game Not Displaying Graphics?

    @ramza Sadly she did not provide any way of contacting her for help with the plug-in, and the documentation is essentially non-existent. It was part of why it is no longer available to purchase. @OP I have been working with her script off and on for a few years now. Slowly trying to get it...
  2. shenshinoman

    Expanding the Theatrythm Plugin, goal 1

    bump a third time. If anyone simply has advice on where to begin on the code at least, I might be able to fumble my way to the solution I am looking for.
  3. shenshinoman

    Adding additional enemies to Theatrythm plugin

    Hello, I am looking to expand the following plugin: into what I feel is a "complete" battle system. I have many ideas to it, however I am going to do these one at a time. While I have a potentially complicated goal listed over in the full...
  4. shenshinoman

    Expanding the Theatrythm Plugin, goal 1

    Bump again.. .although I realize this may belong more in the support board after-all
  5. shenshinoman

    Card Battle System Extreme Lag

    Thanks for the ideas bgillisp. I will test those out when I next get a chance, and report back with the results.
  6. shenshinoman

    Expanding the Theatrythm Plugin, goal 1

    Hello, my experience with Java scripting is minimal. Mostly enough that I can, usually, recognize what a single line of code does and can then change a few set variables without need of an instruction book. However large chunks of changes, or designing whole new code, is still generally beyond...
  7. shenshinoman

    Card Battle System Extreme Lag

    Hello all. I am sorry I was gone for so long. (Life happened.) However, those who want to get a bit more out of it rather refund it, I have managed a few things to up the play-ability, if only a little bit. Firstly, as the entire game takes place on top of the main game, rather than...
  8. shenshinoman

    Card Battle System Extreme Lag

    So, I've been going over the way the plugin is structured, and I am fairly certain the performance issue is very much tied to the high-customization-with-low-implementation of the entire project. (AKA, the fact you can change a large ammount of the game, without needing to know javascript or the...
  9. shenshinoman

    Card Battle System Extreme Lag

    Hello Folks, I know it's been about three weeks since anyone touched this thread. However I have been working with the card game plugins as mentioned as well. I've found making the following changes will reduce the lag. (possibly eliminate it depending on the computer). Doing these has allowed...

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