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  1. Conditional Branch Problem

    I'm actually using an old version of RMVXA Lite, but as I can't get online anymore on my computer/laptop I can't really update.. So I'm not sure if this was addressed at some point. I tried searching but nothing came up (I'm probably using the wrong search terms). Any how, when I use the script...
  2. Encrpyting RPG Maker VXA Lite

    Not sure where to post this but this seemd like the right place. So my friend and I were working on something in Lite, but it doesn't encrypt things it packages (unless I missed something and ours are outdated or something).. So we were wondering if we got someone who owned RMVXA to encrypted...

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So far, this is how the wall tileset its looking in-editor. :kaoswt2:
Still thinking on details to add.
Added a plugin to RMMV Plugin Releases with all relevant info but it looks like the topic wasn't approved for whatever reason. Cool.
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Stream is live! I am currently doing pixel art and will be practicing shading! Feel free to drop by!

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