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  1. Damage Formulas 101

    I hadn't actually figured that out. I changed the else to do 2 dmg, yet the spell still did 0, so it's just an error through and through. Unfortunately I haven't been able to fix it, but I found a neat trick using Yanfly's plug-in for damage over time, and put the damage formula into the state...
  2. Damage Formulas 101

    This solved one of my problems, the spell is no longer applying the status on a miss. The problem is, that the spell no longer 'hits' anymore, always dealing 0 damage, and never applying the state. It would seem I still have work to do. (I even tried setting the enemy stats to 1's, and the...
  3. Damage Formulas 101

    Not sure if I just missed something, but I'm trying to create spells that inflict both damage and a status, after confirming a 'hit' through the formula (I'm trying to emulate something similar to a d20 system), but I'm having an issue where the game just adds the status, instead of adding it on...

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