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  1. GolvaeGames

    RMMV Sideview Battle; Make different characters step further forward when selecting their action

    Is it possible to have different 'step' distances? Not in the skills, just the part where they move up while you are selecting an attack/skill/item. I would like them all to move to about the same x coordinate, so sv battler for actor 0 is fine, 1 neds to walk a little further, 2 further than...
  2. GolvaeGames

    RMMZ Animated Sideview Battler with Zoom

    Looking for a plugin for animated battlers that includes a zoom. The visustella that adds this is paywalled and I tried akeas which has the zoom I want but it I can't get it to work with Fomars Battle System.
  3. GolvaeGames

    Skill trees and the one right path problem

    Skill trees seem to offer a myriad of customization at first glace, but they often become no different than any more linear skill progression system because there are always best paths. Some games even give you so many points you can just get everything and every character comes out the same in...
  4. GolvaeGames

    Fix Sideview Battler Positions in larger screen size

    I have a larger screen size, and the actor and enemy battlers are up in the left corner when I match the ui size to the screen size. When I make the ui size smaller they are still way up on the screen. Is there a way to fix this without plugins?
  5. GolvaeGames

    RMMV Story seems like "thats been done before"

    So I had an idea for a story where someone has been reversing time from a date where a cataclysmic event happens(im thinking something like a parasitic alien, like ff7 jenova or pharaoh 90 from sailor moon), and they have reversed time from this point many many times. So they've lived the same...
  6. GolvaeGames

    RMMV Skill target most damaged party members

    Is there a way to make a skill target the two actors with most missing HP? I got help with a notetag a while back but it only takes current HP into consideration, which means that if I have two party members with 100 Max HP but 75 current HP, and one party member with 50 Max HP, one of the...
  7. GolvaeGames

    How can I make Defense into a percent reduction?

    I would like to have the damage formula reduce damage by a percent value, which would be the targets defense. Ideally it would be 1 def = 1% reduction. Is this possible?
  8. GolvaeGames

    Bravely Second v Bravely Default, should I play?

    I never finished bd, I like the classes/combat, but it felt very grindy and also like certain mechanics were over my head, like I never figured out any really good combos besides pirate and free lunch. I did get pretty far though , however by then the story just seemed like such a mess and I was...
  9. GolvaeGames

    Random state at max tp

    I cannot figure out how to change these notetags into something that will Give a random state out of a group of states to the actor when they reach max tp Reduce said actors tp to zero Remove the previous state and add a new one when they reach max tp again here is the thread with the notetag...
  10. GolvaeGames

    Titles for villains

    Think X the Betrayer, or Y the Vile. What are some other good ones? Doesn't need to follow the "______ the ______" format either.
  11. GolvaeGames

    Yanfly Animated Sideview Enemies, Animation plays too high

    I tried this in a fresh project with only yanfly core, battle core, and animated sv battlers. On the enemies that I have in the svactors folder, when I attack them, the animation plays very high on them, above their head. This isn't noticable with the regular actor sv battlers, just the...
  12. GolvaeGames

    [SOLVED] State that hides skill

    I am trying to create a state that will remove a skill while the actor has it, but then have the skill show up again once the state is removed. Using the seal skill command, the skill still appears in the actors list. I think I can use this tag - Where level would be changed to state, but I...
  13. GolvaeGames

    Skills that have a chance on hit to apply states to the user

    I have been trying to find a way to adds this through notetags with yanfly's plugins. It would be like what the skill reward plugin does, but only a chance of adding the state. Skill procs/chance on hit seems like something that someone would have done before but I cant find anything
  14. GolvaeGames

    Remove Gauges and Current HP/MP

    I would like to remove the the gauges from the main menu and equip menu, and also only show Max HP/MP/TP, not current/max. I really only need to do this from the equip menu. When I edit the windows js file it removes the gauges in the battle window as well as the other menus, and I'd rather...
  15. GolvaeGames

    Skill auto used when actor has maxTP

    I've been trying to figure out how to make an actor trigger(automatically, have it just happen, not just let a new skill become available) a skill once they reach max tp. The two I currently have in mind are a damaging skill to all enemies, and a restore mp(or hp) for another. I would need a...
  16. GolvaeGames

    Cyanyurikago Battlers

    Cyanyurikago - They took most of the images off this site. I have a few that were removed, but I was wondering if anyone knows what happened with this.
  17. GolvaeGames

    Snow cliff wrong

    These tiles are messed up. the corner is bad. Is this just me?
  18. GolvaeGames

    Cold Desert

    No, not ice cream, that's a cold dessert (sorry, I couldn't resist). I am unsure of how to go about mapping a this area. I know its going to be pretty barren, but I'd like to have some little bits here and there. Mainly so that I'm not just wandering around a big empty space. I have a few icy...
  19. GolvaeGames

    Bride and Mother/Orphan Battler where to place

    I have a bride style battler, and mother and orphan style battlers. I am trying to decide which one to put in the church ad which to put in a house. They both fit either aesthetically well, and I could work either of them out plot wise, I just don't know which would fit better in the church. The...
  20. GolvaeGames

    use weapon animation on skill

    Question is same as title, I've been trying to figure out how to make the sv actors use their weapon animations like with the skill:1 attack, on other skills. The best i have done is a spell activation motion with the weapon sprite, but they should be using the regular attack motion. I've been...

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