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  1. Thedemonpit

    Strange Text Error

    I have been experiencing a strange text error upon loading a save file in my test. I was wondering what I would do to fix this. I will include examples of the text errors with the list of my plugins. If anyone has any tips that could help me that would be great.
  2. Thedemonpit

    How do you guys go about a barraks

    I have been wraking my brain for about 2 weeks and I'm still not sure what A medevil style barracks would look like. How would you guys go about that?
  3. Thedemonpit

    Town of beginings tile set not working properly

    For some reason the town of beginnings walls for the inside are through. By that I mean characters can walk through them even though they are supposed to be walls. I've tried altering the walls into different slots but I just cant seem to be able to solve the problem. I will have a screenshot of...
  4. Thedemonpit

    Town of beginnings being weird

    So I got the town of beginnings dlc and I had a simple question. Why are so many of the tilesets dark when everyone else ive seen use them have a normal brightness with the tiles. Ill put a example image
  5. Thedemonpit

    Sideways tent. Rpg Maker Mv

    Im looking for tents. Even if it is close to the similar one turned to the right or left. So people can enter from the side. Anyone found anything like that?
  6. Thedemonpit

    I got a problem.

    For some reason I got a type error and Im not sure what I did incorectly. I have the battle engine core and action sequence packs from yanfly. I have never had this problem before and im not sure what it means. This is what the developer console gave me. Im not sure how I would fix this. Any...
  7. Thedemonpit

    Looking for a certain sound

    Im looking for a sound effect that could be used for someone pulling a hood on or off. I cant seem to find any.
  8. Thedemonpit

    Make a game start faded out

    Im trying to build a opening cutscene for the game but Im trying to have it start faded out without the whole show image then fade instantly thing. Any quick fixes to that.
  9. Thedemonpit

    A strange issue

    For some reason battlers dont work. During combat everything is invisisble and im not sure what to do. Any possible fixes.
  10. Thedemonpit

    making a rain scene

    Can someone help me figure out how to make a rain scene. Ive had a hard time nailing a rainy envoirment.
  11. Thedemonpit

    Good music for a guild hall

    I am kinda curious if anyone knows any good songs that could represent a guild hall?
  12. Thedemonpit

    Character generator parts

    I've been lookin through the forums and I haven't been able to find any useful character gen parts. Anyone got any parts to recommend?
  13. Thedemonpit

    Possible to make characters move diagnal

    Is it possible to make characters move diagonally.
  14. Thedemonpit

    It everyday you look at a body bro

    Anyone down to insult the inhumane boy logan paul. I like seeing what non populer( by that I mean non-youtubers) have to say on the matter
  15. Thedemonpit

    A friendly villager in strange getup appears

    Hello everyone I hope to get along with everyone as I begin to use the forums more and more often as I am finally making a game that I will not be throwing out after I put so much time into it. I hope to make some new friendos here as I will be doing my best to keep the questions answerable as...
  16. Thedemonpit

    Making actors weild weapons with a different texure

    I have been looking up tutorials and asking other places for help. But most places seem not to give a clear enough explanation. Lets say I have a character that wields a sword. How would I change the swords texture so each weapon when attacking with it looks different.
  17. Thedemonpit

    Yakuza 0. a sexy and enjoyable game or a flop

    After I played Yakuza 0 I though it was incredible. Story and all. I love slamming faces into walls. but all my friends seem to be turned off by the game. So out of pure curiosity. I am wondering what other people who played it thought. Cover me in your gorgeous opinions
  18. Thedemonpit

    Looking for basic stuffs

    I am looking for things such as the bed and the wardrobes but rotated to the right or left so I can use them at different angles. I have been unable to find these things. Could anyone point me in the right direction. Note-If anyone also has any idea where I could get more character generator...
  19. Thedemonpit

    Resource request_blank face

    Anyone got a pure black face. I am referring to the ones that mark it as a mysterious person as I am having trouble making one.
  20. Thedemonpit

    Mv making conversations that dont pause game

    I'm trying to set it up to where 2 characters will converse without stopping everything. Is there any solutions to this situation.

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