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  1. RavenTDA

    The Token Healer

    Most times in RPGs when the characters have set classes there's always one character dedicated to healing. While they always play an important role in battle, because they usually are a permanent fixture to the party, what kind of personality do you give this person? What role do they have in...
  2. RavenTDA

    Derick the Destroyer

    DOWNLOAD FEATURES: Intentionally awful voice acting An awesome script Terrible drawings done with a mouse Randomization for replayability FUN! DOWNLOAD
  3. RavenTDA

    What makes a puzzle/mini-game fun?

    Puzzles and mini-games, we've all played. You could probably pick out ones that were awesome but what about those make it actually FUN? We have so many topics about how to write, how to sprite, how to script... but why isn't there more on the topic of how to make good game play in the form of...
  4. RavenTDA

    Maximus Jones

    Hey this was pretty fun. It's more or less a bunch of mini-games but I'm always a fan of those. I think maybe your cat/dog puzzle is broken because the lady never realizes the guy gets frozen. Although I'm rather confused with that one in general. The first one with the boulders was pretty kick...

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