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  1. TheOriginalFive

    Content patch questions

    How do I go about making content patches (think DLC in conventional games) for an RPGMaker MV game, assuming I only add extra images and change the existing map events to accommodate the new images? The game will be encrypted with the default program. I am not adding any plugins with said...
  2. TheOriginalFive

    RMVXA The Mechanical Armageddon

    Mekageddon IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS SECTION A: CHARACTERS Huifeng - A lazy failed heroine who is now breaking the rules of engagement to steal the holy artifact back. Artisa - A magical painter who can summon imagery to help in battle. She has a strong sisterly instinct. Atroxia - A martial...
  3. TheOriginalFive

    RPG Maker MV Community Character Submissions

    Submitting two characters for very minor roles at the moment. Faceset for the twins (Isabella - top row, Adelaide - bottom row: Walk sprites for the twins: Default lines: Isabella: "How does this look?" "It would be nice to commit some more faces to paper." Adelaide: "What'cha looking...
  4. TheOriginalFive

    Returning Characters or A New Cast?

    Generally I think a new cast should be in with that kind of time gap. If it's a very short gap e.g. 1 year then the old cast coming back would make sense. For my personal example the Mekageddon series takes place over five years, thus there aren't any drastic cast changes. However, the visual...
  5. TheOriginalFive

    Team or Single Person?

    I find that team projects tend to go better on commercial ones, did quite a few as a freelancer over the last year. Feedback from working on it was helpful for when I go back to personal projects. For proof-of-concepts I prefer to go alone.
  6. TheOriginalFive

    Multiple endings, only one of them is cannon?

    Currently I leave the bad endings only as options for those players who try to screw up the game on purpose. The plan is to have two good endings which could lead into the direct sequel as it involves one of the main characters' friends returning that year or much later.
  7. TheOriginalFive

    What grafic softwares you use to develop your projects? [M.POLL]

    Gimp and Flash for character portraits, map decorations and battle sprites, as well as cutscene graphics. Map sprites in Game Character Hub, and the maps themselves in RPGMaker.
  8. TheOriginalFive

    Make or Use Resources?

    Unless you have a very specific look in mind for your game I suggest using resources. You can edit them depending on the terms of use.
  9. TheOriginalFive

    Tutorial Boss Battle

    Put a branch where "Continue even when loser" is a condition then put the things for your cutscene in it. For beginning boss battles I'm keeping it simple. It's the same villain both times and he'll flee once his hitpoints are low along with his fans taken out.
  10. TheOriginalFive

    What is your world building process?

    The main thread behind Mekageddon's world building is post-steampunk, Chinese-majority, and superhumans appearing in the general population. It was originally going to use the same setting as Herosmash, but after really considering copyright issues, I changed things. Unlike our world, robotics...
  11. TheOriginalFive

    It's Dynasty Warriors Empires, the 8th game to be exact. The person is a custom player character.

    It's Dynasty Warriors Empires, the 8th game to be exact. The person is a custom player character.
  12. TheOriginalFive

    That's one nostalgia trip I didn't expect to kick off.

    That's one nostalgia trip I didn't expect to kick off.
  13. TheOriginalFive

    What is your process for designing maps/levels?

    I prefer to work on it one screen at a time, collect the props that suit its theme, then go wild.
  14. TheOriginalFive

    Love Mapping Contest

    Is this MV only or are other versions welcome?
  15. TheOriginalFive

    Using music from other video games in your RPG Maker Project

    Yes, you can transfer assets from one RPGMaker engine to another, provided you own a copy of each.
  16. TheOriginalFive

    Who here wears or likes makeup?

    I don't particularly care if men wear makeup, though the men in my life usually wouldn't do that anyway. Me, I'm kinda orange-gold in color and have Jessica Rabbit lips by nature. So every time I wear any red lipstick at all I turn into a stop sign! Mascara's not such a dramatic show-stopper...
  17. TheOriginalFive

    What's the weirdest thing you have ever cooked?

    Chinese mushroom + Chinese sausage + basil and milk risotto. East and West in one dish.
  18. TheOriginalFive

    Should I name all of my NPCs?

    I name NPCs based on whether the party already knew them before the events of the game. If not, they'll be called by their job title unless they state their name. Example: Talking to a bakery shop keeper. Baker: Hello. What will you have? MC: Er, who are you? Baker: Who, you ask? Have you...
  19. TheOriginalFive

    Describe what your first game was like.

    The first I actually completed was a text choose your own adventure about the Mechanical Armageddon. Since it didn't get the rip-roaring response I hoped for (The dev I showed it to said the intro was too long!), I'm remaking it in RPGMaker. The first RPGMaker project I made was about four...
  20. TheOriginalFive

    In a RPG? Do you have prefered sexes for story?

    Assuming it's about a newcomer and not a fixed character, I tend to play female characters. If it's fixed such as Geralt in Witcher, I'll play regardless if I like the game.

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