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  1. TheOriginalFive

    Content patch questions

    How do I go about making content patches (think DLC in conventional games) for an RPGMaker MV game, assuming I only add extra images and change the existing map events to accommodate the new images? The game will be encrypted with the default program. I am not adding any plugins with said...
  2. TheOriginalFive

    RMVXA The Mechanical Armageddon

    Mekageddon IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS SECTION A: CHARACTERS Huifeng - A lazy failed heroine who is now breaking the rules of engagement to steal the holy artifact back. Artisa - A magical painter who can summon imagery to help in battle. She has a strong sisterly instinct. Atroxia - A martial...
  3. TheOriginalFive

    Talking to my party and menus from items.

    First, how do I make it so that I can interact with my followers in RPGMaker? My game is about four friends retrieving a lost artifact, and I made a test game where they got lost on a small island to try out the program's functions. The second: What's the most efficient way to allow a menu to...
  4. TheOriginalFive

    The Original Debut.

    Hey, hello, and all that. I'm TheOriginalFive, and I mainly design player graphics or write storylines. I also play a variety of games, mainly simulation and non-horror adventures. My current plan is to remake an unofficial sequel to an MMORPG that was suddenly abandoned by its creators. The...

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